When children refuse to try new foods

Children, like it or not, go through phases, like adults, in which they have preferences about one food or another. However, unlike adults, who know that we have to eat certain foods even if we don't like them very much, children can be extremely persistent in their refusals, and even insist on eating only one food! What can we do if we find ourselves in this situation? When do children refuse to try new foods?

1- The first thing, do not worry excessively. Most children, especially between 2 and 3 years old, are persistent and, if they want something, they don't give up. In addition, 'no' is one of the words that they pronounce with more ease and enthusiasm. On the other hand, even if it is not their intention to reject new foods, they prefer to stay in their comfort zone, that is, in the comfort that is already known, and above all, focus on their favorite food.

2- Second, children don't have to eat everything every day, but, strictly speaking, it could be said that it is enough that every two or three days vary the food. That is to say, that in total, throughout the week, for example, they eat foods from all the different food groups. This is due to the fact that the macro and micronutrient deposits are relatively durable, so that their daily contribution is not strictly necessary. We can group food in a very basic way in:

- Protein foods (dairy, legumes, eggs, fish and meat).

- Farinaceous (cereals, legumes and potatoes).

- Fatty foods (meat and fish, dairy, nuts and oils).

- Fruits and vegetables.

As you will see, it is easier than it seems, because many foods are in two groups and the groups are very broad, so there is a lot to choose from.

3- Be patient, There will come a day when you are fed up with always eating the same thing and are encouraged to try something new. However, and although the child should never be forced to eat, it is better not to give up and not give up on the effort, always offering new foods or those that the child refuses to eat accompanying the dish that he eats without problem, so that he always has the option to decide. Sometimes it is simply the fear of the unknown that causes their rejection, so if they get used to seeing it, it will stop being an unknown dish and they will end up accepting it as usual.

4- The exampleEating the same that we are offering you to try is always our best asset. Also, keeping a positive attitude towards food always helps. There are times when they just need to let themselves be carried away by what they see around them, something that we will all achieve sitting at the table eating the same, in an inclusive way.

5- Trust your sonIf you are healthy and have energy for your day to day, it is very likely that it is only a phase that with time and patience and without stressing yourself too much, will pass.

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