Grooming and bullying of children on the Internet

Grooming and bullying of children on the Internet

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Have you ever heard about grooming? What is grooming? When is it said that a child suffers from cyber bullying? The grooming ('Toilet') is one of the problems that can affect the safety of children on the Internet, a risky situation that can cause a lot of damage to children.

It consists of deliberate actions by an adult in order to establish friendship ties with a child on the Internet, with the purpose of obtaining sexual satisfactions.

We tell you more about him groming and bullying of children on the internet.

Grooming is one of the risks that can affect children on the Internet. Isabel Plaza, expert in Children's Use of New Technologies of the Alia2 Foundation, in an exclusive interview on our site, explains that grooming is the cajoling of a adult towards a minor for a sexual purpose. This occurs and has gained a lot of strength through social networks, due to the ease of establishing relationships.

Grooming is a process that usually last weeks or even months. Generally, you can take the following steps:

1- The adult elaborates emotional ties and friendship with the child, pretending to be another child. A relationship that we call cajoling, contact, or acquaintance begins, in which the adult's purpose is a date with that minor that can end with sexual abuse.

2- The adult win the trust of child, and through it, get personal and contact information of the minor.

3- The adult tries to establish a physical encounter with the lesser of two ways:

- The adult seduces the minor, teaching him sexual content images and invites the minor to also send pictures of themselves. Once compromised images of the minor have been obtained, the adult begins cyberbullying, blackmails the minor to get physical contact.

- The adult cheats on the minor. The adult seeks to know the interests of the child. If he sees that the boy's interest is in soccer, or he pretends to be a soccer coach who is interested in signing little soccer stars or is still a child and says that his uncle is a soccer coach and that he could arrange for him a date with him. And if the subject that the child likes the most is the cinema, the bully pretends to be a film producer, or says he has an uncle who is, even asking for a physical appointment to make the meeting.

What parents can do to prevent their children from being victims of grooming, abuse or harassment online. Follow some guidelines:

- Control the use of internet and web cameras by children.

- Place the computer in common zones of the house.

- Educate the children. Teach them and ask them never to contact unknown or provide private information over the Internet.

- Ask the children to report any problem They notice, making it clear that it doesn't matter what they have done, they will always support them.

Other than that, there are organizations that uses infiltrators as minors to identify these adults and pass the information on to the police. On the other hand, there are also software or programs that allow you to monitor what children do in chats and instant messages. In Spain, there are entities that work in the prevention, awareness and fight against grooming. The Alia2 Foundation, Prot├ęgeles and Screen Friends, with some of them.

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