Children's stories about respect. Stories with values ​​for children

Children's stories about respect. Stories with values ​​for children

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Respect is an essential value closely linked to the value of tolerance, which helps us to live together in peace. It is undoubtedly an essential value that you can instill in your child from a very young age. Respect is the best weapon against bullying or bullying, against violence and intolerance.

Since We want to promote the teaching of values ​​in the education of children, therefore, we have selected the best stories, legends and poems that speak of respect. Discover these fantastic children's stories about respect and reflect with your child with their help.

Respect for others is taught to children by respecting. If you treat your child with respect and he sees that you treat others with respect, he will understand that it is the best way to relate to his peers. But you should not only teach respect to people, but also to Nature, plants and animals.

Discover with all these stories the best teachings on the value of respect to reflect with your child on the importance of this value in their day-to-day life. You will find stories about respect for Nature and animals. Also short and rhyming poetry and even a beautiful African legend about the importance of respect for differences.

The bunnies who did not know how to respect. The bunnies who did not know how to respect is a fantastic story to discuss the value of respect. Share with the children this story with reading comprehension questions so that your children understand what the value of respect means. A short story for children of all ages.

Don Arbolón. Ecological short stories and children's stories in Spanish by new authors: Don Arbolón. One of the ways to transmit and instill in children love and respect for nature is this precious story by Don Arbolón. Through stories, children can acquire values ​​and defend nature.

Itzalina and the rays of the sun. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story, especially, encourages children to respect the common good, and to share everything in the world, including the sun. A nice story about respect and the need not to be selfish.

We are all different. This children's story of 'We are all different', tells a story that several animals decided to open a school in the forest, in which all animals would be forced to learn to swim like fish, to fly like birds, and to dig the earth like moles. A story that speaks of respect for others, for children.

The rooster Miligallo. Children's story: the rooster Miligallo. El gallo Miligallo is a beautiful story by Antonio de Benito, a children's story with values ​​to teach children to respect the differences of others and to value diversity.

Cheetah spots. There is a very old legend, native to Africa, that explains why cheetahs have these characteristic spots on their skin. It is a beautiful legend that conveys the importance of the value of respect.

Bernardo the elephant. We offer you the tale of the Bernardo Elephant, a story for children that talks about the value of respect. our site publishes a children's story that was sent to us by one of our readers. The Bernardo Elephant tells the story of an elephant who was very selfish, and who also liked to make fun of others.

The Manuelita turtle. Song of the turtle Manuelita that makes a trip. Music and videos for the little ones. Song of the Manuelita turtle for the little ones.

The snail with an umbrella. Poems are a great resource to educate children in values. We suggest you read this children's poem about respecting differences: The snail with a parasol. A short poem that teaches children that we are all different, and that no one is better or worse. They are poems with values ​​to educate our children and learn to respect others.

The lion. The lion is a poetry with values ​​for children. Despite thinking that the lion is a superb animal, it is undoubtedly the king of the jungle, and also earns the respect of other animals.

The albino burrito. Respect for diversity is one of the values ​​developed in this beautiful tale about an albino burrito. Through stories, children can be educated and encouraged to have good behavior in all situations.

Laura changes city. Laura changes city is a children's story that talks about differences and values ​​such as respect for others. They are stories for children with values. Laura changes city is a beautiful story to read and then chat with the children. Through stories, children can learn and assimilate important values ​​for their lives.

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