Field mouse and city mouse. Stories for children

Field mouse and city mouse. Stories for children

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This is a fable about friendship and humility, and above all about sincerity. The field mouse invited his cousin the city mouse, to spend a few days in the field with him. And then the city mouse invited his cousin to visit his home in the city. Those two visits teach us two very different ways of living. Which is better, to live modestly in the country or to live restlessly but comfortably in the city? A story to educate and make children think.

Once upon a time there was a mouse that lived in a humble burrow in the country. There, he didn't need anything. It had a sheet bed, a comfortable chair, and flowers everywhere.

When hungry, the mouse looked for wild fruits, nuts and mushrooms, to eat. Also, the mouse had iron health. In the mornings, he would walk and run among the trees, and in the afternoons, he would lie down in the shade of a tree, to rest, or simply to breathe fresh air. He led a very calm and happy life.

One day his mouse cousin who lived in the city came to visit him. The field mouse invited him to eat herb soup. But the city mouse, used to eating more refined foods, did not like it.

And besides, he didn't get used to life in the country. He said that life in the country was too boring and life in the city was more exciting.

He ended up inviting his cousin to travel with him to the city to see that it is better to live there. The field mouse did not really want to go, but ended up giving in to the insistence of the other mouse.

As soon as he arrived in the city, the field mouse could feel that his tranquility was ending. The bustle of the big city frightened him. There were dangers everywhere.

There were car noises, smoke, a lot of dust, and an intense coming and going of people. His cousin's burrow was very different from his own, and it was in the basement of a large hotel.

It was very elegant: there were beds with wool mattresses, armchairs, fine rugs, and the walls were lined. The cabinets were overflowing with cheeses, and other goodies.

A fragrant ham hung from the ceiling. When the two mice were preparing to have a good feast, they saw a cat peeking out of the door of the burrow.

The mice fled through a hole. While fleeing, the field mouse was thinking about the field when, suddenly, he heard screams of a woman who, with a broom in her hand, tried to hit him on the head with the stick, to kill him.

The mouse, more than scared and hungry, returned to the burrow, said goodbye to its cousin and decided to return to the field as soon as possible. The two hugged and the field mouse started back.

From afar, the aroma of freshly made cheese brought tears to her eyes, but they were tears of joy because there was little left to get to her house. Back home, the field mouse thought that he would never exchange his peace for a lot of material things.


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