Travel to Brussels with children. Christmas in family

Brussels, in addition to being the headquarters of the European Union, is one of the destinations to consider for a family Christmas trip. At Christmas, Brussels is filled with snow, lights and Christmas songs that play through its streets and squares.

It is one of the most charming cities to spend the Christmas holidays with children. On the trip to Brussels with children you will find a city that tells stories on its walls full of comic drawings. In addition, it offers a wide variety of Christmas activities for children and parents.

1. Mini Europe at Christmas. This park is located next to the Atomium. Families visiting Brussels at Christmas should make a stop here. It is a quick way for children to learn and see the most important buildings in Europe. At Christmas all the monuments are covered by a layer of snow.

2. The Museum of Tintin. The Hergé Museum. Brussels gives birth to the mythical comic character. On the family Christmas route through Brussels, you have to stop at Tintin's house so that the children learn more about the character and his creator. The ticket for families has a price of 7 euros.

3. Brussels Christmas Market. From November 26 to January 2. Families traveling to Brussels can enjoy this traditional Christmas market. It is a perfect place to try Christmas food. Children can taste Belgian chocolate while parents shop for artisan Christmas gifts.

4. The route of the murals. Brussels is the city of comics, its walls tell a million stories. Children will be impressed by the huge murals filled with drawings. Parents can take the opportunity to tell them Christmas stories.

5. The lighting of the Grande Place. With the arrival of Christmas the square is tinted with hundreds of colored lights. Families traveling to Brussels at Christmas can admire this light show dancing to Christmas songs.

Most of the activities that Brussels offers are free. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Brussels with children this Christmas, Brussels is a good option.

Source consulted: Belgian Tourist Office: Brussels and Wallonia.

Photographs: Jean-Paul Remy, Eric Danhier, Magic Monkey and Nicolas Borel

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