How to avoid boredom of children in class

How to avoid boredom of children in class

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Is it possible for children to get bored in class? Of course, there are also teachers who get bored!

Boredom is the lack of fun or interest in something ... and who depends on whether a class is entertaining and interesting? The teacher and only the teacher. The teacher, actually the entire teaching staff, have the obligation to create spaces, dynamics and a training agenda that encourages the maximum attention of the students. That is why, on our site, we give you guidelines to avoid boredom of children in class.

It is true that, sometimes, we have students who, due to circumstances outside our classes and our person, have situations around them that do not favor either motivation or concentration, and that this casuistry conditions the student, to a large extent, to possible school failure. I am not saying anything about the beautiful and interesting challenge that we can have with that student, and I am sure that all of you who are now reading this have already named it and you know it and are thinking how to encourage their attention for a better use of the course.

Well, tell you that the vast majority of our students learn more about our "being" than about our "knowing". And they will learn more the more motivated the teacher is.

Am I aware of how I feel before starting a class? May I take a minute to observe myself and see if the emotion I am in is the most appropriate for my students to perceive / receive in the most optimal way? Without a doubt, for me that is the beginning of not boredom. Work on my attitude, from an appropriate emotion, in order to start my class, and realize how much I can influence those little people that I have in front of me. The teacher's state of mind, his ability to lead a class are key to making good use of time in the classroom.

"The brain learns, if there is emotion"This phrase by Francisco Mora is already a mantra for all of us who are concerned - we do not care - in improving education in our country, but the basis is in teaching with emotion, not only in promoting emotions in the classroom. Enthusiasm is transmitted and generates an atmosphere of interest that is completely conducive to learning.

And I'm going to reveal a trick from one of my teachers, Roberto Aguado Romo: each teacher must take care that both he and his students are at HOME, and when we reveal the acronyms we find this useful guide to avoid the boredom of children in class:

Curiosity: it leads us to interest, there is attraction, the will to achieve. There is expectation and start.

Admiration: it leads us to imitation, we find ourselves calm. There is love and respect.

Security: leads us to control, we are safe. There is peace and serenity.

Joy: invites us to stay, there is entertainment. There is enthusiasm and pleasure.

This wonderful HOUSE encourages us to reflect on our teaching attitude, and to think that if any of the actions that I initiate in my classroom, goes against at least one of the emotions mentioned above, then we are not contributing to my students and students are the way they should be.

Dear teacher, surely you know how to provoke these emotions in yourself and in your environment, but let us take into account, repeatedly and renewed, these recommendations:

- Prepare dynamic and varied classes. Do not fall into monotony and routine. Special attention to the attention curve.

- Look each and everyone in the eye. Love them for their individuality.

- Respect their times and adapt to the peculiarities of each day. Use positive discipline, not threat, punishment, or a heavy hand. You will get more, for you and for them.

- Enjoy your profession, is the most beautiful in the world. Believe it.

If each class, each classroom, made up of male and female teachers, male and female students, who are all unique and different within a wide mosaic of diversity, there was a common denominator that would be the "enthusiasm for teaching and learning" I assure you that our contribution to society would be wonderful and would have an unprecedented multiplier effect.

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