Answers to children's whys

Answers to children's whys

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Children's curiosity has no limits. Their questions are witty and often leave older adults unanswered. Questions about the human body, nature, space, food ... Could you answer questions like these ?: Why does the rainbow come out? Why do the hands wrinkle with water? zebras have stripes?

We suggest you look for the answers to some of the most common questions among children. From our site we have selected the most ingenious questions of children. Here you will find the answers to the whys of children.

We have compiled some of the most surprising questions of children, like why the sky is blue, why some animals sleep standing up, why we dream or why ants walk in line. Do you know the answers?

Don't worry, if you don't know any of the answers to these questions, we'll help you. Find here the information you need and answer, now yes, to that curious question of your son that left you speechless.

Whys about fish. The whys of fish. Questions and answers that children ask about the world of fish. Childhood curiosity. Children's questions. How to respond to children.

Why the storms. Children ask themselves many questions in their vital discoveries. How to answer children's whys. Children's whys about storms.

Whys on Earth. The whys of children on planet Earth. Educate children so that they learn to take care of the planet. Earth day. How to learn to protect the planet.

Why about colors. Children's whys about colors. The most curious questions of children in relation to colors. How to respond to children appropriately.

Whys about insects. The whys of children in relation to insects. Questions and answers for children about the different types of insects. How to answer children's whys. Child curiosity

Why the water. The questions children often ask themselves in relation to water. Learn to answer children's questions. The whys of children. Questions and answers for children about water.

Whys of space. Children ask themselves many questions about space and the universe. We try to satisfy children's curiosity by answering children's whys about space.

Whys of animals. The whys children do in relation to animals. Children's doubts and questions about the animal kingdom. How to answer children's questions. Children's questions about animals. The why of children.

Whys of the human body. Children, especially from the age of 3, begin to ask a lot of questions about the human body. Sometimes these questions leave us open-mouthed and we feel unable to solve them.

Whys of nature. Children, especially from the age of 3, begin to ask a lot of questions on all kinds of topics. Sometimes these questions leave us open-mouthed and we feel unable to solve them.

What is a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are spectacular phenomena that grab our attention. There are solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. What is a lunar eclipse and how it happens. Where can you see a lunar eclipse.

The whys of earthquakes. How earthquakes occur. Everything you need to know about earthquakes. Why are there earthquakes and where are they most frequent. Children's questions about earthquakes.

How are tornadoes formed. How tornadoes occur. The difference between a tornado and a hurricane. Where tornadoes occur. Why are tornadoes formed. Children's questions about tornadoes.

How the hurricane forms. How a hurricane forms and what exactly is it. What is a typhoon or a tropical cyclone. On our site we tell you everything about hurricanes so that you can explain it more easily to your children. How hurricanes are born, how they form, what they are made of and how they grow, and what they can do.

The lunar cycle. How to talk about the moon with our children? On our site we find the explanation of the lunar cycle for children in a simple way. The whys of children on the moon.

How does fog form. How can children understand what fog is and how it forms? On our site we find the answers to children's whys about nature.

How is the water cycle. How can we teach children about the water cycle? our site gives us the keys so that our children learn it easily.

What is a solar eclipse. How can we explain to our children what a solar eclipse is? On our site we find a way for children to understand this phenomenon.

Why does the skin get gooseflesh. Do you know why we get goose bumps? It is one of the questions our children can ask. Could you answer it? We help you answer. Find the answer here.

Children's questions about sleep. We answer 7 children's questions about sleep. Discover here some curiosities about childhood sleep that you did not know. We answer children's questions about sleep. For example, why do we dream? Why do we sometimes not remember dreams? Why do our eyes move when we sleep?

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