Story about kindness. Daniel and the magic words

Story about kindness. Daniel and the magic words

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The stories are fantastic tools to educate children in values. We can take advantage of each of them to reflect with children on essential themes and values.

This time, with the story of 'Daniel and the magic words', we can talk with our son about the importance of kindness for peer relationships.

I introduce you to Daniel, the great wizard of words. Daniel's grandfather is very adventurous and this year he has sent him from a country without a name, for his birthday, a very strange gift: a box full of shiny letters.

In a letter, his grandfather tells him that those letters form kind words that, if you give them to others, they can get people to do many things: make those who are sad laugh, cry with joy, understand when we do not understand, open our hearts to others, teach us to listen without speaking.

Daniel plays very happily in his room, assembling and disassembling words incessantly. There are times when the letters join themselves to form fantastic, imaginary words, and Daniel is magical, he is a wizard of words.

She has been preparing a very special gift for a few days for those she loves the most. It's a lot of fun to see Mom's face when she discovers a Hello, precious Under the pillow; or when dad finds in his car a I love you the color blue.

His words are kind and pretty, short, long, that sound good and make you feel good: Thank you, I love you, Hello, please, I'm sorry, I like you.

Daniel knows that words are powerful and he likes to play with them and see people's happy faces when he hears them. You know well that kind words are magic, they are like keys that open the door of others.

Because if you are kind, everything is kind to you. And Daniel asks you: do you want to try it yourself and be a wizard of kind words?


Tale of Susanna Arjona Borrego, Spain.

Use this story to reflect with your child on the importance of core values ​​like kindness. In addition, you can improve their reading comprehension with the help of these questions:

- What did grandfather give Daniel?

- What did Daniel do with the mystery box every day?

- What words could form the box that made others happy?

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