Problems of children with autism in school

Problems of children with autism in school

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), like all types of disabilities, is very broad in terms of degrees and form of manifestation. So, as with the rest, the inclusion of children with autism it has to be personalized, adjusted to your needs and always keeping your well-being in mind.

We know that children with some type of autism spectrum have impaired social skills, They have greater sensitivity to noise or social saturations and that produces a kind of anxiety that they try to reduce by extracting themselves through stereotypies (repetitive movements). This introversion makes them methodical and it is sometimes difficult for them to respond to external stimuli.

We tell you what are the most common problems of children with autism at school

However, learning the child with autism It should not be alone, but we must create an inclusive atmosphere, understanding and discovering the communication of each student with ASD. In these cases a great dose of empathy, to understand and accept how each child is. Because who has not ever felt misunderstood?

Perhaps for the correct inclusion of children with autism, we should leave aside the canons implanted so far in relation to an oralist interaction and encourage interaction of pictograms and gestures. Silent but effective communication to get your attention.

Using this pictographic communication system we can also encourage interaction between equals, trying to make the group / class participate in the games that the partner with autism usually plays, such as construction games, puzzles, etc ... Always making respect the space and rhythm of each child with or without ASD. In this way we will avoid a possible discomfort of the first.

To get the participation and interaction of students with ASD we have to respect their behavior patterns regarding time, rhythms and habits since, as we mentioned above, they are usually very methodical in how and in what order they do things. The fact of respecting this way of doing can facilitate their approach and interaction. Currently more accessible approach thanks to technologies and the integration of augmentative and alternative communication systems in them.

So, as we see, once again games and technologies make the school and social inclusion of children with autism spectrum disorder more effective, together with adaptability and curricular adaptation to the needs of each student.

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