Ball exercises for pregnant women

Ball exercises for pregnant women

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Series of exercises that a pregnant woman can do at home to strengthen her body


With this guide in pictures you can do the exercises at home, half an hour a day. You need a ball with a minimum diameter of 65 cm and a maximum of 85 cm. For your safety and that of the baby, the ball must be strong and appropriate for exercises (fitball).

The pregnant woman just by sitting on an exercise ball will be beginning to work the muscles of the pelvic floor that support the weight of the baby in the uterus. Sit so that you are comfortable on the ball, with your legs supported at a right angle. Here you only need to swing your body from one side to the other. It is a low intensity exercise but very effective for a pregnant woman.

It is advisable to start ball exercises for pregnant women from week 26 of pregnancy. It is important to stretch before each section of prenatal gymnastics on the ball.

Kneel on the ball and hug it with both arms; while you do it, breathe deeply and stretch your spine resting on the ball. Expel the air and try again.

Back pain is one of the most frequent discomforts during pregnancy that is why it is very important to do prenatal gymnastics on the ball. Lie on the ball on your back and massage your lower back with the pressure on the ball. Make small, safe movements. Rock it as you like, it will relax you.

In the ulnar ventral position, raise your legs above the prenatal gymnastics ball, draw them towards you. Then separate them and put them together (inhale), hold your breath and finally expel it when you stretch your legs.

Sitting on the ball, put your hands behind your head and pull your elbows up. The pregnant woman cannot forget to keep the pelvic floor muscles tight to gain strength and balance. You will feel a relaxing stretching of the back and the opening of your rib cage which improves breathing.

Sitting with your legs spread on the ball, stretch your right leg with the sole of your right foot glued together, bend your left leg 90 degrees and point your left foot. Repeat and alternate movements between the two legs.

Sitting on the ball, join your hands and stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds with your arms fully stretched in a straight line and relax by lowering your hands slowly to touch your head. Repeat the same movement 3 times. The pregnant woman cannot forget to keep the pelvic floor muscles tight to gain strength and balance.

Leaning on the gymnastic ball, the pregnant woman should stretch her arms laterally over her head. It is very important that the arms pull up and the back remains straight. Alternate movements with series on the left and right side.

If in case you feel contractions, do not worry, they occur due to the increase in your baby's heart rate with the exercises. Despite this discomfort, you can continue the exercises, but with more care and less frequently.

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