Childish story. The sea child

A beautiful story that tells of a child's love for the sea. If your children like the sea, they will surely love this fairy tale Triton, the sea child.A short story that tells us Triton's dream of diving into the sea to discover all its depths and riches. A tale of adventures for kids.

Once upon a time there was a child with eyes blue like the sea, teeth like pearls from a pirate's treasure, hair white and curly like the foam that drips between the rocks on the coast, and skin the color of wet sand on a summer afternoon. .

His name Triton and his surname Atlántico. When Triton laughed, it was like hearing hundreds of dolphins screaming happily. Every morning for breakfast, Triton ate seaweed crackers and a glass of whale's milk.

Whether it was winter or summer, Triton always wore a striped swimsuit and wore duck feet.

- Thus I am prepared to immerse myself in the ocean of modern life, he said optimistically. When Triton went out for a walk, he was always surrounded by seagulls that hovered around him.

Sometimes some would perch on his shoulders and on his head so that they could savor his salty skin and breathe in his cool breeze. At school, Triton had two friends: Dolphin and Coral, with whom he went to the jetty to fish every Saturday.

-Look, a river of silver! Hundreds of sardines gleamed in the sun's rays, turning suddenly in a silver flash.

- Oh Triton, what do you have? - laughed her friend - It's just a school of jumping sardines.

Many nights Triton would stare at the horizon. He dreamed of jumping into the water and strolling along the bottom of the ocean, talking to the prawns, and playing hide and seek with the jellyfish. Triton would like to be diluted in the salt water and disappear among the reefs, and thus be able to observe sharks and rays, he wanted to see the sunset from the deep and crystalline waters of the coast.

But it was all a dream, just an impossible dream.

"Triton stop dreaming," his mother told him patiently. "You will never be able to live in the sea, you are not a sardine, nor a shrimp, nor an alga, nor a sea shell. You are only a child."

Although his mother always told him the same thing, Triton was determined to dive into the sea. If he couldn't live in it, he would at least do his best to be able to spend as much time in the water, so he decided to go out every afternoon with his father to fish in the old Poseidon: a ship with more rivets than his great-great-grandfather the pirate leg. stick, known throughout the world.

For many years, Atlantic Triton accompanied his father to fish every afternoon after school, with him he learned everything about the sea and its mysteries. About the paths of the whales, the ghost ships, the Venus of the sea forest and their hypnotic songs. His father told him stories of pirates and colossal monsters, the giant squid and the island of dancing skeletons.

- They were times of great sea storms, lightning and thunder, times when the rough sea swallowed up the lives of many good men. Your great-great-grandfather Stickleg was one of them. Everything I know I learned from him.

According to his father, his great-great-grandfather had been a good pirate who searched for lost treasures and then handed them over to poor people. Triton was envious why he couldn't be a pirate too, now he knew why he had such concerns, why he had a heart as salty and agitated as the sails of a galleon on a windy day.

-I'll be a pirate too! When he finished his high school studies, he decided to go to the sea high school. There, they taught him everything he needed to know to be a good navigator. He learned how to dress as a pirate, how to look through a spyglass, how to use a compass, how to board an enemy galleon, and how to make a crab and squid stew. Wow, everything you need to be a good sea dog!

Also there Atlantic Triton met love for the first time. She was a very attractive mermaid, with a tail of shiny silver scales, long wavy hair and a deceitful voice. Amphitrite, for that was her name, she studied singing and good manners to be an expert mermaid.

- Do you want me to sing Triton? - Amphitrite, the fish woman, said sweetly, with a smile on her lips.

- No, we better leave it because I am not yet trained to resist your melodious voice.

Over time that beautiful love story became more solid, and when Amphitrite and Triton finished their studies they decided to get married. The wedding was held in playa dorada. Coral was the maid of honor and Delfín the best man. Streamers of foam streaked through the sky that summer afternoon.

Amphitrite wore a necklace of freshly collected black pearls and a seaweed headdress, Triton dressed in his best clothes: a frilled shirt and a black velvet jacket and hat, inherited from his great-great-grandfather, the peg-leg pirate.

Triton had finally achieved what he had always wanted, to be like Francis Drake, Captain Blood, Jack Calico or Blackbeard, he was already a titled pirate and he had married a sea nymph of incomparable beauty and irresistible songs. The only thing that Triton lacked now was a floating home to live his aquatic love with the fish woman and have many children or fish.

His father, the Atlantic lord, knew about his son's concerns and for years, secretly, had built him a wooden galleon so that he could sail all the seas on the planet.

- Here is your gift. I hope you can enjoy it for many, many years, and sail the seas and oceans together with joy. Triton had two tears that were salty like the sea in his blue eyes and he hugged his father, what more could he wish for? He had it all: love, health, and an imposing galleon with a figurehead depicting the figure of his beloved Amphitrite and a stanza of the pirate's song imprinted on his hull in gold lettering.

This is how Triton and his beloved undertook the journey of a lifetime, a life full of salt, water, sand, gold coins, delicate fabrics, jewels, adventures, paradisiacal beaches, hidden chests and storms.

What is it if not life? an adventure that runs day by day between waves and ocean currents, with good weather or bad weather we all must continue forward and seek our happiness even if it is hidden in the depth of the salty sea.


(This story was sent to us by Pepa Mayo, Spain).

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