Running for children. Running is healthy and fun

Running for children. Running is healthy and fun

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The 'running'Is in fashion. More and more followers join in running and running. Running is a simple and inexpensive sport, which has become a fun activity, an alternative to combat obesity and sedentary lifestyle, and a healthy way to get in shape. Running is also attracting the attention and interest of many children. Therefore, it is important that you know the keys to start children in this sport.

How should they do running children?

Children can practice running in a moderate way and always adapted to their physical condition, abilities and skills. According to the doctor Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer, author of the book ‘Change your life, start running’, "running for a child should be, above all, a game and not an obligation. Running should be approached as a leisure time for him. "

The book offers us tricks for parents to motivate their children to run. We tell you some:

1- Choose a circuit or a route that is stimulating for the child. It is recommended that they be open spaces, and in nature (beach, parks ...).

2- Choose running shoes with the child. They should support the foot, giving a feeling of freedom. The sole should not be hard or soft, but resistant and with a breathable insole. Therefore, it must avoid plastics.

3- Psychological support. Parents must convey, by their example, that running is fun and that it helps you to excel. No complaints or boredom.

For practice running with children you have to consider their ages. We tell you some recommendations that the book has.

- Running for children under 5 years old:

You cannot be very demanding with a child at these ages. Running for these kids should only be a funny game, since at this stage they still do not have the required posture to practice 'running', and therefore are more prone to injury.

- Running for children from 5 to 8 years old:

At these ages, the running It should be practiced in the usual games of children, such as pickpocketing, hide-and-seek, handkerchief, etc. The goal is not to run and yes that their games invite them to run. Little by little you can increase the distances. In this way, little by little the children will strengthen their legs, strengthening their system cardiovascular and respiratory, without so many demands. The important thing is that they want to and that they can do it.

- Running for children from 8 to 12 years old:

At this stage, in general, children will already have posture and physical preparation to run and excel. Ideally, start with hikes with the family, a bike ride, and that one day they are invited to run together with their parents, as a way to start living the experience of running. After the age of 12, children will be able to sign up for simple 5-kilometer races and even enroll in courses Athletics.

Source consulted:Dr. Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer
Ed. Oniro

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