Phrases by María Elena Walsh to reflect with children

María Elena Walsh was a well-known and beloved Argentine writer and poet among children for being the creator of very popular characters, like 'Manuelina the turtle'. He also left us memorable phrases and quotes about different aspects of life.

From our site we have selected the best phrases of María Elena Walsh to reflect with children. Phrases that make us reflect on life and the legacy that we are leaving to our children.

Elena Walsh was, in addition to being a writer and poet, a fantastic thinker. He left us very deep phrases that will make you reflect. Here are his best phrases to reflect with our children:

1. 'And how would you like to be remembered? As someone who wanted to give joy to others, even if it didn't always come out. ' Use this phrase to talk about happiness with your child, the importance of positive thinking, optimism, dedicating smiles and good manners to others. From the need to make optimism a permanent state of mind, although (as María Elena Walsh says), it does not always feel like it.

2. 'I learned that a walnut is wrinkled and old, but that can offer a lot, a lot, a lot of honey'. Teach your child to value older people for all that they offer. To value their experience, their experiences and all the love they are capable of giving. Always instill respect for older people.

3. 'He who lives for no one knows where he is going to stop: to towers of sand and smoke and to his own funeral. ' Selfishness does not bring anything good. Whoever refuses to share with others and prefers greed over generosity ends up receiving what they gave.

4. 'I am struck by the energy that many people put into vilifying technology. So that? It's here, it's here Let's use it in what suits us and that's itHow much wasting time talking about the old typewriter. ' María Elena Walsh was always an advocate for new technologies. Let's not think that it is a bad thing in our society, but something good that we must learn to handle.

5. 'With this coin I am going to buy a bouquet of sky and a meter of sea, a star peak, a real sun, a kilo of wind, and nothing more'. The really important thing in life is given to us by Nature every day. Perhaps our disappointments and frustrations have to do with the false needs we create for ourselves. Remember that the one who has the most is not the happiest, but the one who needs the least.

6. 'There was Queen Sweet Potato sitting on a silver plate, the cook looked at her and the queen fell down'. Love is capable of transforming us and changing our heart and also our way of acting. María Elena Walsh always bet on the power of love and she manifested it on numerous occasions.

7. 'I am not a dancer because I like to stay still on the ground and feel that my feet have roots. ' Every person needs a reference, a point or a place to call home.

8. 'Poetry is not just transmission or memorization of verses. Is under all an attitude towards life, a form of sensitivity. ' Many poets think like María Elena Walsh. Poetry is not just a series of beautiful well-written words. It is only a poet who has a special sensitivity to observe the world.

9. 'I am not a great lord, but in my heavenly earth I take better care of the treasure: much, much, much love'. For María Elena Walsh, love is the greatest treasure that can be had on Earth. Teach your child to care for and feed him every day.

10. 'Poetry is ultimately reconstruction and reconciliationIt is the most important element we have in order not to make our children conformist robots or dolls, but to help them to be what they should be: authentic human beings. ' Poetry can be used as an educational method. Teaches children to think, to imagine, to be free and not automata. The verses are wings for them, just like the books.

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