Capricorn mother compatibility with Capricorn child

Capricorn mother compatibility with Capricorn child

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Here we want to show you what is thecompatibility between the mother of the Capricorn sign with the son male of the same sign. Astrology does not mark the destiny of man, but rather fosters a character in which free will always fits.

Within that character that the stars have marked in our birth, there are variants; The Capricorn woman is not the same character as the Capricorn man or child.

The mothers of this sign are usually very realistic and practical that they do not usually have false expectations about things, and not about their children.

Their responsible nature leads them to have few children, since they worry about them excessively and prefer to dedicate themselves completely to them.

They are severe in excess with their children and that can cause them some problem especially in the stage of the adolescence.

Capricorn mothers like to have control over everything around them, take control of the family and need to have their own group.

They are very familiar people, to whom the traditions more than innovation. They do not like chaos and are very organized, and they look to their children to be too.

They are patient and calm mothers, who like to teach and transmit all their experience to their children little by little.

They are peaceful children who do not usually create problems, since they are quite reasonable and do not tend to indulge in daydreams or excesses.

They are children smart those who are not afraid of studies, but are usually quite applied, especially when they know how to motivate them.

They are often overly meticulous and patient in their games, and they like to play alone.

They prefer to have relationships lasting friendship and solid with few people, although they are sociable and courteous with everyone.

They need excessive understanding and constantly feel accepted, even if they appear to be children independent.

- The main problem of mothers Capricorn with their children is that the former overvalue respect and are demanding in this matter with their children.

- They are not mothers with great mental flexibility, But on the other hand, they are very analytical and reason everything that is proposed to them, which encourages dialogue between parents and children and mutual agreements.

- Children are thoughtful and need constant displays of affection, which is a problem since Capricorn mothers are usually closed in on themselves and often do not realize this need of the child.

- As an advantage, Capricorn mothers have large doses of patience that they will use with their children.

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