Judo for kids

Judo for kids

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Judo is one of the favorite martial arts of children. They develop their physical and mental capacities and improve their state of form at the same time that they learn values ​​as important as companionship or respect for others.

Although judo may have some disadvantages such as the possibility that the children suffer an injury or take what they have learned beyond the classes, the truth is that the Judo benefits for children they are innumerable.

The Judo benefits for children:

- Develops basic motor skills. One of the most important rules when doing judo is learning to land correctly, will avoid many injuries during classes but also outside of them.

- Promotes the development of the motor apparatus

- Development of strength, coordination, speed, flexibility and balance of the child

- Learn to know themselves and master their body

- Develop your power of self-control

- Stimulation of tactical thinking. The speed of sport forces children to have to make quick decisions and decisive in the different situations that his opponent poses to him or he poses to his opponent.

- Despite being a contact sport, it transmits and teaches many values ​​to children: respect, tolerance, motivation, self-esteem, education, companionship, solidarity, teamwork.

When children first join judo, they begin to practice discipline from your basic level to go, little by little, increasing levels as you improve your technique. That is, there are a series of keys within each belt color that, obviously, get complicated as the different degrees are exceeded, also called Kyus. In the west, the established degrees are seven. You start with the white belt and then move on to yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and, finally, black.

When it is reached black color, the judoka has a very good technique and can become an instructor of the discipline or compete at a very high level. For children, a series of intermediate levels have been created that help increase the motivation of the little ones and that they themselves check their evolution. Before changing from one color to another they go through an intermediate level in which the belt has the current color attached to that of the next grade:

  • White
  • yellow
  • yellow orange
  • Orange Green
  • green Blue
  • blue - brown

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