The compatibility of the Capricorn mother with the Pisces daughter

The compatibility of the Capricorn mother with the Pisces daughter

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The Pisces daughter gives off docility and flattery, which makes her Capricorn mother, apparently colder, and in need of control, facilitates the task and thus avoids clashes.

If you want to know what the relationship or compatibility between Capricorn mother and her Pisces daughter, here you can find out.

Extremely practices and hardworking women, they look for a goal in their life to achieve and they fight tirelessly until they achieve it.

They like organization and cannot conceive of life without it, and they try to make their children follow in their footsteps, since they do not understand disorder or improvisation.

Are rational and they look for an explanation in each step they take, but they also help their children to organize themselves on a day-to-day basis and provide support, since they are extremely maternal and like to have their own groups.

It will convey home security as well as tranquility and tradition.

Sometimes they can be too closed in on themselves, making communication difficult.

As good water signPisces girls enjoy freedom and daydreams.

They are very creative and imaginative and they cannot bear to be subjected to rules, but they do not usually present confrontations since they are very calm and shy.

They love improvisation and not setting goals or objectives to achieve, since that would predispose them to follow a path they are not willing to travel without leaving.

They are not ambitious, and they do not value the material, sometimes indulging in laziness and laziness.

They are not good students, but they tend to have prodigious memories, which together with their loving nature, make them win the sympathy of their teachers.

They love reading and playing outside, and although they are sociable, and often have many friends, none of them will turn out to be a lasting or deep friendship.

They have great inner honesty, and flee from clashes with the rest.

The Capricorn mother may push her daughter to pursue her goals, since Pisces' lack of ambition leads them not to pursue or fight for specific goals.

His fear to fail It makes them leave the path early, and that is something that the tenacity of Capricorn mothers can help with.

Pisces girls are easy to educate as their docility it makes them avoid confrontations with their mothers.

They are excessively fearful and sensitive, so they should not be over-impressed, not even with stories or children's stories that can hurt their sensitivity to the surface.

They are girls who love jobs related to the artAlthough their fickleness leads them to constantly change jobs.

They are very lovingSometimes too much for distant Capricorn mothers, but without that love the Pisces girl will be helpless and lost.

Unlike her mother, the daughter has no no practical sense of life, and will seek to break the routine every day improvising on the fly.

In general, the rigidity of the Capricorn mother is a good complement for Pisces daughters.

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