Games to help children overcome their fear of noise

Games to help children overcome their fear of noise

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Children usually go through a stage in which fears can be the protagonists, this occurs during the years that the imagination begins to be very involved in the child's life.

It is especially from the age of 5 and during early childhood when fears can make children fear the dark, noises or other circumstances.

We show you some games to help children overcome their fear of noise.

Fear serves as an internal alarm to warn and protect us from potential dangers, but when we are adults, we have already learned to handle them and as parents it is necessary to teach children to learn to deal with this intense emotion with enough tools to make them front without stress or anxiety. So that the little ones can stop being afraid, there is no better way to achieve it than by playing.

Usually this fear, the fear of noise, can be related to a lack of knowledge about the sounds in the environment and an inability to identify the origin of the strange noise. Fear disappears when the child is able to understand the origin and reason for the noise. Although in other cases the fear of loud noise may be associated with something that scared you on another occasion, in this sense it is necessary to know what happened to be able to find the appropriate strategies.

1. The game of questions. The purpose of this game is for children to express their emotions regarding the fear they feel with noise, normally children have a hard time putting words to their emotions. Write the emotions on a piece of paper and draw what that feeling is like (fear, anguish, anger, rage, joy, happiness, etc.) and talk about them with your child. When you get to the emotion of fear help your child to put words to their fears.

2. The noises of the environment. Incorporate the noise that scares your child in a play context so that he can identify it and play with it in a leisure moment, so he can find the solution to the noise by not being emotionally involved.

Remember that it is very important that your child feels that you respect his rhythm so you must not force him to overcome fear if you are not prepared to do so. Don't make fun of their fears and always try to understand how it feels. Teach relaxation techniques and seek in the game, which deals with sound in a context of fun.

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