All with Trapito. Modern fable for children about bullying

All with Trapito. Modern fable for children about bullying

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The bullying or bullying It is an intimidation by one child to another, and that leads the victim to extreme situations affecting him in all aspects of his life, but especially in school performance and self-esteem.

Bullying is a real nightmare that can only be avoided if everyone, parents, teachers and classmates, gets involved in solving it. Support the bullied child and push the bullying child away is one of the guidelines to follow when this problem arises in a class.

Teach your child how to avoid bullying through this heartwarming modern fable for children.

The mouse class was in an uproar: a new student was coming.

- Who is it? asked the strong Bully.

- You do not know? - Tina was surprised - They don't talk about anything else! It's Trapito, the son of the inspector of schools.

- The same inspector who forbade us to go to the mountain of cheese?

- If the same.

The mice were whispering until Trapito entered class. Then, they fell silent, watching him. He was small and very thin, with huge blue-rimmed glasses.

Trapito sat at the desk next to the strong Bully, who as soon as he sat down said:

- You are not welcome in this class.

The little mouse felt awful but didn't say anything.

Later, in the courtyard, no colleague approached Trapito or included him in the soccer game. He had to settle for watching them play from a corner.

The following days, things got worse. Bully treated Trapito very badly. Since he was much stronger, he forced him to give him the roquefort sandwich that the mouse had brought for lunch.

Later, he began to demand that he do his homework, blow him on exams or cover up for him when he did some mischief. If Trapito refused something, Bully would show him her muscles and make him shiver with fear.

One morning, Tina found Trapito down the hall, crestfallen and very sad.

- What's wrong? asked Tina.

Trapito was honest with her. He told her about the situation with Bully and how unfair it was that everyone had caught him for being the inspector's son.

After the talk, Tina and Trapito became good friends. The little mouse sought allies to end Bully's abuse. One by one they were told: "we must stop the bully with your collaboration."

The class realized that they should support Trapito and not allow anyone else to take advantage of any classmate, or make him feel inferior.

When a child has the ability to understand well what he has read, we say that he has good reading comprehension. But there are times when they don't know how to explain what they have read because they haven't understood it.

With these simple questions you can find out if your child has understood the fable and if you have a good reading comprehension.

- Why didn't the other students want to be near Trapito?

- Who was messing with him?

- Why do you think the others did nothing to defend him?

- Has this ever happened to you or to a colleague?

- What do you think the other colleagues should do?

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