Relationship of the Gemini mother with the children according to their sign

Relationship of the Gemini mother with the children according to their sign

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Gemini is an air sign, dominated by the Planet Mercury, which means that it is marked by intelligence and spirit.

They are the two twins, Castor and Polux, one mortal and the other immortal, who represent the constant duality of this sign in character. A nature full of contrasts and opposing senses, which gives it a somewhat mysterious.

Gemini mothers are difficult to understand. Are insecure and indecisive, irritable and nervous, they swing from side to side constantly, but that makes them attractive in the eyes of others.

They are all a enigma, that surrender and move away with the same ease, and that must always be conquered and reconquered.

They are mothers charming and modern, very open minded and without intellectual limits, which makes them friends before mothers.

They are very independent and tend to feel overwhelmed by excessive hoarding by their children, since they need to fly and feel free.

They are very communicative with their children, although they have humor changes unpredictable.

Compatibility with the Capricorn son or daughter

You could say they are night and day compatible but opposite. Gemini mothers are carefree and insecure, while Capricorn children need to feel safe in order to grow up happy. So if you have a Capricorn child, try to pretend that you have everything under control, and little by little, you can make him lose some of that mental rigidity to which his sign exposes him.

Relationship with the Aquarius child

This is a perfect relationship. Gemini mothers have the same concerns as their sons or daughters of the Aquarius sign: they are both restless, curious, adventure lovers, active and resourceful.

The Aquarius child is very independent, which is very good for the Gemini mother who is not willing to have ties for life.

Will you get along with your Pisces child?

Although this is a good relationship, because the parsimony of Pisces makes any open confrontation with him difficult, the truth is that the Gemini mother is a puzzle for Pisces children.

Pisces children need constant support because their extreme delicacy It makes them very fragile, however Gemini mothers are very independent, and they want their children to be too. If you have a Pisces child, the best thing is that you try to understand him and give him lots of pampering if you want him to grow up without problems.
How do Gemini mothers get along with their Aries children?

The compatibility between both signs is very good, since the Gemini mother gives the Liberty that he needs his impulsive son Aries.

Their desire for freedom and love of fun makes these signs enjoy the same vision of life, the outdoors and constant activities. But if you have a Gemini child, don't forget that Aries children are very stubborn and you will need a lot of psychology to make them obey you.

Compatibility with children of the Taurus sign

Here an air sign meets an earth sign, which makes mother and son maintain a complicated relationship. The Taurus son is reserved and discreet, while his mother is outgoing and very social. The two share a vision of life where joy and enjoyment are paramount, but while the mother prefers a little more adventure, the son opts for material pleasures.

If your child is Taurus, the best thing you can do for him is to let him grow at his own pace and without rushing him to a maturation for which he does not feel ready.

We analyze the relationship with Gemini children

They both get along very well, because their perspectives and goals in life are the same: to have fun and be happy, however this superficiality Both of them sometimes make the relationship a bit chaotic.

Both the mother and the Gemini children tend to change their opinion quickly, which makes it difficult to be bound by schedules, and their tendency to argue makes them collide very often.

On the other hand, the Gemini son, in his tireless search for curiosity and new ideas, It comes in handy for his mother to facilitate the way with her witticisms and showing him new worlds.

How is the relationship with Cancer children?

Cancer children are children of the moon, a planet of dreams and mental breakdowns that leads them to frequently isolate themselves, something that the sociable minds of Gemini mothers cannot understand.

They are children with great sensitivity, who need constant support to be able to trust themselves, with which sometimes they will demand excessively the help of their mother, something that Gemini mothers are deeply overwhelmed by. However, they will have to give in and give them their best advice and understanding if they want Cancer children to not guard them. resentment the rest of his life. But overall, they have a good relationship.

Compatibility of the Gemini mother with the Leo son or daughter

These signs are perfectly compatible, they even maintain a very good relationship with each other. The Gemini mother and her Leo son or daughter are lovers of fun and humor, essentially sociable and restless.

The angry outbursts Leo children must be corrected by the Gemini mother with humor and never in open confrontation, if she is to achieve her goal.

The Gemini mother will be very attracted by the continuous calls of attention of her son, who loves to be the center of all eyes. The character outgoingThe optimistic and courageous son of Leo combines very well with the tastes of Gemini mothers.

Discover how she gets along with the children of the Virgo sign

Although their characters are not alike, Gemini mothers have a good relationship with their Virgo children.

Virgo children demand of their mother a little more consistency in their decisions, schedules and routines, since mothers it is difficult for them to have an order stipulated; while Gemini mothers will seek that their child does not analyze everything around him so much and act more.

Gemini mothers are a reference for their Virgo children, who will guide them in life.

Is the relationship with the children of the Libra sign good?

Mother and son are air signs, which gives them a beautiful relationship based on the wit, curiosity and the love of beauty.

Both are undecided, although for different reasons: the Gemini mother because she is always changing her mind; while the Libra child, because he always wants to please those around him.

On the other hand, Libra children are in a constant search for the Balance, and they can already be cheerful and optimistic as dreamers and loners, and the excessive freedom of Geminis gives us the necessary peace of mind to achieve it.

Relationship with Scorpio children

The compatibility of these signs is not very good. Since the insecurity of Scorpio children need a solid stability, that the volatile Gemini mothers fail to bring them.

Scorpio children are emotionally intense, but difficult to understand, especially for Gemini mothers, who cannot understand such an explosive character.

They are children of difficult education, since they need authority, but they rebel against it. If you have a child of this sign, you will have to be very tactful so as not to constantly hurt him.

Let's check the compatibility with Sagittarius children

They generally have a good relationship, since they have common goals: curiosity about life, new stories to live, adventure and daydreams, but with a very notable difference, that Gemini mothers tend to change their minds quickly, while Sagittarians are tenacious in what they pursue.

Gemini mothers usually let their child explore the world freely, something that comes in handy for Sagittarius children, although the child usually goes one step further than his mother would go to fulfill his dreams.

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