Sausage and bacon rolls recipe for a children's party

Sausage and bacon rolls recipe for a children's party

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Sausages are one of the favorite foods for children, so we have developed an original and fun recipe for sausage and bacon rolls for children's parties or so you can include them in your children's breakfast or snack.

They are perfect to accompany scrambled eggs or to dip them in your favorite sauce; Furthermore, the preparation is so simple that the youngest members of the household can participate and help you. From our site we invite you to enjoy this delicious children's recipe for sausage rolls.


  • Sausages
  • Bacon
  • Puff pastry
  • Egg

Preheat the oven to 220º with heat up and down for 10 minutes. Next, let the puff pastry rest at room temperature for at least 5 minutes before removing it from its packaging. Meanwhile, make cross cuts on the sausages.

Put the sausages back together and roll them into two or three slices of bacon each.

Roll out the puff pastry and cut it to match the length of two hot dogs. Roll the sausages in the puff pastry.

With the help of a knife, cut the roll you just made into several equal pieces.

Prepare a sheet of parchment paper on the baking sheet. Place the sausage rolls and beat an egg. Paint them with the egg and make a few small cuts on the top.

Lower the oven temperature to 180º and bake for 35 minutes. Here is a delicious complement to include in breakfast, your children's snack or in a fun children's party.

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