How to cope with motherhood in adolescence

How to cope with motherhood in adolescence

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Annually there are about 13.1 million births of girls between 15 and 19 years of age worldwide, of which about 700,000 occur in developed countries. The first world country with the highest rate of unwanted pregnancies among adolescents is the United States, while Mexico has the highest birth rate among middle-income countries. Switzerland is in last place with just 4.3 out of every 1,000 births.

In most cases, these pregnancies are unwanted, with abortion being the first resort for adolescents. The problem is that in most developing countries it is illegal, so in 98% of cases there are risky conditions for girls. Then, How do young mothers cope with adolescent motherhood?

Maternity in adolescence is not without its problems, from the moment of conception, and that is that young women are twice as likely to die due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth than a woman between 20 and 30 years of age .

Faced with this cruel expectation, it becomes very hard for adolescents to face their new motherhood. Sometimes the future mother is alone, without personal, financial and support resources to get ahead.

At the beginning, young women experience a stage of denial, fear and anger, along with low self-esteem, but they must be aware, to the extent that their maturity allows them, of the responsibility that they are going to assume and begin to make decisions that will be decisive for the rest of his life.

They should not be carried away by panic or confusion, so although it is a difficult time, they should try to communicate the news to parents as soon as possible, and to be able to count on their support and advice; if not, with that of any trusted adult who can accompany them when speaking with families.

Look good advice with serenity and organize your ideas They are the main task to assume when they face motherhood in adolescence. Decide important issues such as where you will live, who will support you, if you have the help of the baby's father or his family, if they will continue studying or if they prefer to become independent and work ...

Ideally, the adolescent should follow her life as closely as possible to her age, as far as possible; should keep going to school whenever possible, the school and friends should provide the possible help to her new state, although she should not neglect the care for her and her baby, such as not drinking alcohol, smoking or using drugs.

All these millions of questions will suddenly come to your mind and will be difficult to assimilate, which is why the support of your families is so important.

However this is not always possible, and many families react by turning their backs on their children. In these cases, do not despair, since there are support networks and economic, labor and educational support measures for future mothers in almost all developing countries.

The Social Services areas or the organizations and associations direct their efforts to help young women by providing them with advice on pregnancy and raising the baby, as well as providing them with financial aid so that they can face this new motherhood as easily as possible.

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