The park, the best after-school for children

The park, the best after-school for children

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Since the beginning of the school stage of our children, parents are presented with an important issue that is a headache, a real "bobbin lace": scheduling our little ones' extracurricular activities, with all that this entails, adjusting schedules, coordinating with our couples, grandparents or friends to take them and pick them up.

If one thing is clear, it is that all parents want to make available to our children everything that they benefit, help and be useful to them in their future.

The bombing of information and of publicity about these activities, they present them to us as vitally important for children. Essential for their development! English, swimming, music, sports, etc. This creates stress, uncertainty, Doubts, in short, a full-blown concern. Do you feel identified?

With that said, let's take some time to reconsider about this issue. Our children spend an average of five to eight hours a day in the school; During this time, all the activities in which they participate are imposed, prescribed and directed by adults, except during recess. Children leave school, full of information and activity, with a level of stress detrimental for their young age.

From the time they leave school until it is time to bathe, have dinner and go to bed, they have only four hours left free of obligationsAs long as they don't have to do homework, that is subtracted from their free time.

What does our son do during that time he has left? What is the extracurricular activity that any child really demands and needs? A innate activity in them, to the liking of all the little ones ... Play!

Now, if we add to the “game”, 'nature',' natural light 'and' socializing environment 'we created a delicious recipe, to the taste of any child: The park! The best after-school activity, which meets all the requirements: free, free, available, accessible and the schedule is flexible.

- It is a privileged moment to discover, create and imagine.

- It is a way of socialization, when playing with other children develops their future social skills (assertiveness, empathy).

- Develops a sense of independence and responsibility, they learn to be more self-reliant and to have more confidence in themselves.

- When playing in the park with their friends, values ​​such as kindness, honesty, kindness, knowing how to forgive and be forgiven are transmitted, respect, be tolerant.

- Being in contact with nature and fresh air, the child calms down, lowers his stress level and has a relaxing effect. This way, when you get home and do your homework, you will be cooler and this will help you to concentrate in the homework.

- It favors your health. The physical activity they do in the park will help them build strong bones, improve muscle tone, and burn calories; on the other hand, sunlight helps the absorption of vitamin D naturally and improves your immune system.

To finish, I would like to leave you some recommendations so that this time in the park is more profitable for your children:

- Let him decide who he wants to play with, when to start and end the game; let them agree to the rules of the game.

- Make it easy for them to play, no matter what dirty, do not overprotect them.

- If they get into fights or conflicts with other children, it is good that they learn to solve it among themselves, just act mediators when required; This will help your socialization.

- Not supply you with toys, that use elements of nature (sticks, sand, stones, leaves, fruits) so that the magic of the game and the imagination will emerge. Let them observe nature and interact with it. They love to observe insects, collect leaves, make constructions with sticks and stones, dig in the sand, climb trees ...

As you will see, the park gives a lot of play and brings them big benefits. The ideal would be a little park every day, try it and you will see how after a stressful day for parents and children, the park relaxes you a bit and lowers the stress level.

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