Physical exercise makes children smarter

Exercising is very good for your health. It is an activity that helps us stay healthy and makes us feel better about ourselves, helps us fight anxiety. But not only that, since it has been scientifically proven that physical activity is also beneficial for the brain and improves cognitive skills such as the ability to remember and learn. That is, it also makes us smarter.

This does not only happen in adults. It has been shown to do physical exercise makes children smarter, helps them focus better and be less impulsive.

A group of researchers from the University of Illinois found that there is a relationship between physical exercise and intellectual performance. To do this, they analyzed the 2 groups of children, performing some tests to find out how they differentiated and classified important information from that which is not. The results obtained were conclusive.

They observed that those children who performed physical exercise obtained better intellectual performance than those children who were sedentary. In addition, one of the tests they carried out allowed the researchers to know which parts of the brain are modified by the brain.

The brain areas that were most benefited in the study were those that are responsible for maintaining intention, to coordinate actions and thoughts, and to have a good memory.

The same researchers from the University of Illinois were able to observe with another study which type of exercise is most beneficial on the brain of children. The result was that aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, walking or swimming showed better performance.

  • In the short term, this type of exercise temporarily makes children smarter.
  • In the long term they have other types of benefits such as doing function to the brain in the best possible capacity. Exercise causes repeated activation of the hippocampus that is related to memory and learning. Cells grow in that area of ​​the brain while aerobic physical activity occurs.

It is more than proven that constant physical activity adapted to the capacities of each child is healthy for the body and mind of children. To get children to practice it, we must make children motivated.

For this to be motivated, this type of activity must be a fun and playful part of the day. To get it:

  • Let the child choose the sport or physical activity that he likes best. The activity you carry out must be consistent with the child's personality. Therefore, adults should avoid choosing what they would have liked to do, so that the child is not forced to meet the expectations of adults. Above all, put aside pressure on the child and make the activity an obligation.
  • Avoid keeping you busy too many days a week. One point to keep in mind is how much time you have to dedicate to them. Try to avoid overloading the little one. As long as you have 2 or 3 afternoons of activities, it is enough. Thus, you will have days to play and spend the afternoon with the family in the park or taking a walk. Fundamental activities for its development.

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