The terrible harms of flip flops for children

The terrible harms of flip flops for children

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It is very possible that among your summer shoes you have some, they are the flip flops of a lifetime, also known as slaps in Peru, cholas in Venezuela, Hawaiian in Chile and Brazil or flip flops in Argentina. They are the classic summer sandals that allow us to have a cool foot, ideal for the hottest days.

However, podiatrists and foot health experts warn about the abuse of this footwear that, not only is harmful to the feet of adults, flip flops are very dangerous for children.

They come in all colors, with drawings, without them, with details on the strips, rubber, fabric, material ... We usually use them to go to the pool and the beach, and they make a very distinctive sound when you walk, as if someone is clapping their hands.

They are fresh and original (despite being older than eating), but lately many children and adults also use them as daily shoes and can use them throughout the day. About this we are alerted by associations of podiatrists and experts in foot health, lChildren should not wear flip flops, much less throughout the day.

  • Its sole is flat and flexible, therefore accompanying our feet as we take the step. What is the danger here? The child's foot remains loose, he is only attached to the sandal by means of the strips that are inserted between the big toe. This forces the child to use more force with the front to grasp the sandal and your body weight is not well distributed, so you will end up carrying the weight also on other areas such as the lumbar or cervical.
  • Forcing the foot to make a greater effort with the fingers to hold the sandal will cause tendons and muscles are overloaded and this can end up causing an injury.
  • Again, gripping the flip-flop straps with the toes forces the child to bring the toes together a lot. As a result, the ankle is less supported and may suffer a ankle sprain.
  • The child is forced with this type of footwear to step shorter by what is seen altered his normal way of walking.
  • Such a flat shoe is not good for children as it forces the foot to absorb impacts against the ground directly and does not offer good arch support or heel support. Furthermore, it makes the achilles-calcaneus-plantar system suffer, the one in charge of making the first movement of the step.
  • It is very common that the strap that holds the foot causes injuries or lacerations between the toes or the arch of the foot. This can lead to pain, irritation, blisters, and wound infection.
  • The plantar fasciitis It is not a pathology typical of athletes or adults, children can also suffer from it, and flip flops for children are footwear that can cause it if used for a long time. Fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue of the foot, which is found on the sole of the foot. This generates pain from the morning that can increase as the day goes by.
  • Children are in the process of learning in general everything, among other things about walking and achieving balance. These sandals prevent the correct balance of the child since the heel is loose. In this way, the child will fall more often.

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