Who is more consenting, mom or dad?

Who is more consenting, mom or dad?

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Bad cop or good cop. In many families this figure exists. The good cop brings affection, security, understanding, freedom and creativity. Bad cop, limits, order, discipline.

In some homes, both the mother and father try to be both demanding and permissive. But, make no mistake, in most houses there is a good cop. And of course, a bad cop. Who is the bad cop? Who is more consenting, Mom or Dad?

When there is a great difference in permissiveness between the father and the mother, these two roles are very clear: one is the bad cop and the other is the good cop. And this, before it was also evident: the father used to be the bad cop. But with time, everything changes.

Actually, the role of each depends on two factors: time that the father or mother spend at home with the children and the personality each. In many cases, the 'bad' of the two, the least permissive, usually the one who spends the most time with children, and sometimes, the dominant of the couple.

The 'good cop', on the contrary, they will be the most sentimental and protective person, and perhaps the least easily imposed on others. The normal thing is that it is the one that less time spends with the children.

It is very hard to constantly scold a child and remember the rules and limits, so sometimes it is the person who spends the most time with them who ends up giving in the most. These cases also occur, yes.

1. They demand certain rules from children, but they always find a justification for breaking any.

2. Although they are very clear about certain limits that cannot be flanked, they offer the child more freedom.

3. They tend to "turn a blind eye" to some of the child's antics. They are more overprotective.

4. They have more patience and are more elastic. They repeat orders more than once. Often they end up finishing the work the child started.

5. They do not demand so much when it comes to limiting the whims of children.

6. They give more importance to the creativity and expression of the child than to discipline.

7. They scold and punish less than their partners.

Definitely, the ideal in the education of children is that the couple agree on the rules and limits, that both the father and the mother talk about this issue, that there is no competition regarding the affection of the children and of course, if either of the two feels uncomfortable with the way of educating the other, talk about it. Teamwork always pays off.

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