Table to know how much the baby measures and weighs throughout the pregnancy

Table to know how much the baby measures and weighs throughout the pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a unique and magical moment for many women who experience pregnancy in a special way. Therefore, it is normal that you worry, if you are pregnant, the correct development of your baby. How big is? How much does it weigh? Will it be normal?

Surely you would like to be able to consult a table to know how tall and heavy the baby is throughout the pregnancy. Well then, offers you a series of percentile tables of the fetus or baby so that you can check its evolution throughout the gestation. Always remember that they are guide values. Each pregnancy is a world and nobody better than the gynecologist to make sure that everything evolves correctly.

In this first table you can check the rapid evolution of your baby inside your belly in the first stage of pregnancy. In these first weeks of pregnancy, the baby will reach about 18 centimeters in week 17, and will weigh about 140 grams.

And yes, you will notice more swollen and you will think that it is not possible. Remember that during the first weeks of pregnancy, the body retains a lot of fluid and also the weight of the baby must be added the weight of the placenta and the amniotic fluid.

In this second stage, the mother will notice a considerable increase in volume. Your baby grows and it shows. At week 20, the equator more or less of pregnancy, the baby already weighs 300 grams and measures about 25 centimeters. Always remember that these are guide values. Not all babies will weigh the same. Some grow longer and others slower.

And we reach the final stretch, the weeks of greatest physical growth of the baby in the womb. Weighing just over a kilo, the baby will be able to reach three kilos in weight (and in many cases exceed them) when you reach 40 weeks gestation. It is ready to be born!

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