The glutton bird. Children's story for selfish children

The glutton bird. Children's story for selfish children

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The glutton bird tells the story of a bird that loved food so much that it ate its own and that of others. A children's story about a bird that did not want to share but its selfish attitude took its toll. Can you imagine what happened to him?

We invite you to read this children's story for selfish children with your children to transmit the value of kindness, solidarity and generosity. A story to educate our children in values.

Once upon a time there was a bird named Glutton, who spent the day fighting with others for food.

He got into fights and argued over crumbs, and when the little birds came he would peck them off.

Due to his gluttony and aggressiveness, the other birds began to move away from him and then Glutton was very happy because he had achieved what he wanted; so everything was for him.

In a short time, he began to shed a lot of gut and noticed that he had difficulties when flying; but he continued eating without worrying about anything.

One day the parrot told him:

- Glutton, your selfishness is hurting you, why don't you leave something to eat for others?

But the bird was not listening.

One morning a canary came up and asked him:

- Glutton, I haven't eaten since yesterday, can you leave me some crumbs?

- These crumbs are mine! - He answered eating two cheeks greedily.

- Glutton, I'm hungry, can I have some crumbs? - Said another afternoon a swift. But Glutton pushed him away from his side.

After a while, due to his weight, Glutton could only walk a few steps; but in spite of everything, he continued eating without heeding the parrot's advice. And one morning, when he went to get up to eat, he couldn't.

Have you already read this children's story? Do you think your child has understood the meaning of it? We suggest that you carry out these reading comprehension activities:

  • Who is the protagonist of this story?
  • What happened to him?
  • Why didn't he want to share the food?
  • What happened to him in the end?

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