High cholesterol in children

High cholesterol in children

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We may think that it is only for adults. But children can also have high cholesterol. The problems that it entails do not manifest themselves immediately, but in the long run. Hence the importance of controlling it from the beginning to avoid that over the years it ends up leading to a greater problem.

In we talk about the causes and consequences of high cholesterol In the kids.

Cholesterol it is a fatty substance produced by the liver and other organs such as the intestine. This substance is found in the lipids and fats that the blood carries. It is essential for the production of cell membranes and hormones. The liver makes about 1000 milligrams of cholesterol a day. But beware there are two types of cholesterol:

- The 'good' cholesterol it is known as HDL. It collects cholesterol from the tissues and carries them to the liver.

- The 'bad' cholesterol it's called LDL. It is a type of lipoprotein that carries cholesterol from the liver to the rest of the body.

The problem comes when the body receives more fats externally than it needs, especially from 'bad' fats. So we talk about high cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia. In children, high cholesterol occurs when it exceeds 170 mg / dl in the blood.

We tend to think that most of the time, high cholesterol in children is caused by a poor diet, but the genetic factor Its determinant. In fact, in almost all cases of children with high cholesterol, there is at least one family member who suffers from this same problem. That is why pediatricians have a surveillance greater with children with parents who suffer from high cholesterol, especially from the age of 2.

What is certain is that diet greatly influences blood cholesterol control. A menu based on foods high in fat (hamburgers, red meat ...) can increase our children's cholesterol.

The first consequence, the most visible, is obesity. But in the long run, high cholesterol can also have unseen consequences and much more. dangerous for the health of our son. The main risk is that high cholesterol generate a heart problem, since an excess of cholesterol can block the walls of the coronary arteries. It is also related to an increased risk of having a stroke.

High cholesterol is diagnosed from a blood test. The pediatrician will assess whether it is necessary to change the child's diet to try to control cholesterol levels. In any case, your diet should not include more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day and the intake of saturated fat cannot be greater than 10%.

A good diet to fight against high blood cholesterol is based on the intake of fruits and vegetables, on the elimination of foods rich in Saturated fats and in the reduction of carbohydrates in the child's menu.

Here we leave you some tips of a healthy diet for children with high blood cholesterol problems:

- A breakfast based on cereals with semi-skimmed milk and fruit.

- Fruit at mid-morning recess lunch.

- For food, include vegetable and white meat (chicken, turkey ...).

- Increase the activity of the child. Exercise is an effective weapon against being overweight and cholesterol.

- The sandwiches, the better whole wheat bread.

- Do not forget fish and fat-free dairy such as yogurts.

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