Living as a family should be a team of parents and children

Living as a family should be a team of parents and children

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It is curious, if we think about it, that a family is ultimately a team of people, who love each other and need to constantly collaborate together.

Therefore, for a family to have a good development, in harmony and with balance in all its components, they should act as a successful, high-performance team.

We tell you the objectives to follow to live as a family as a team of parents and children.

The characteristics of a team High performance, according to most experts are the following:

Basically 8 are reduced:

  1. Good leadership.

  2. Shared tasks.

  3. Clear objectives.

  4. Cohesion

  5. Environment

  6. Rules

Therefore a family should act:

  1. Leadership. Parents must exercise family leadership, based on democratic, participatory and flexible leadership.

  2. Shared tasks. There is no great team without shared tasks like no family either. Therefore, a family organization needs some household tasks that must be shared by each and every one of the members, and that are assumed in a responsible way.

  3. Participation. All family members must participate, depending on their age and maturity. But the active participation of each and every one of them, in almost all the tasks, activities and obligations of the family.

  4. As for objectives. These should be clear, concise, brief, realistic, and known to all family members. They must also be perceived by everyone as achievable objectives.

  5. Regarding cohesion. Families should seek activities in the family that promote cohesion and family unity.

  6. As for the environment. A pleasant, trusting, positive environment should reign, where people feel free and in a safe environment.

  7. Regarding the rules. Rules known to all and expressed in a way providing the consequences of inappropriate actions. Firmness and kindness.

  8. Regarding conflict resolution. Every family, as in all teams, has conflicts to overcome. Family members must detect these conflicts and prevent them before they happen and intervene when they happen in a proportionate and consensual way by family members.

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