The handlebar of the stroller is NOT a hanger

The handlebar of the stroller is NOT a hanger

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It is curious the way some mothers have to hang everything, absolutely everything, on the handlebars of the stroller or stroller of the baby or child.

I understand them perfectly because I, in my time, did it too, with the difference that now I see how dangerous it can be for little ones. In fact, because of this, I had to suffer more than one scare. One time my daughter almost flew off! We must remember that the handlebar of the baby stroller is not a hanger.

I think that although some parents know that the handlebar of the baby stroller is not for these uses, many times they have no choice but to do it, but tell me what are they doing with the bags?

For this reason, it is very normal for us to find trolleys on the streets that look more like a traveling closet where everything is hung, the baby's or child's bag with diapers, bottles, accessories, toys, snacks ..., in addition to the mother's bag, grocery bags, coat and a host of other things.

There is no doubt that strollers make life easier (and a lot!) For parents. I wonder how they would walk their babies or go shopping ... without them. However, another very different thing is the use made of these carts.

Carrying an entire arsenal of bags hanging from my daughter's stroller almost caused an accident at least a couple of times. I remember that once there was so much weight hanging on the handlebar of her stroller that, when I let it go, the whole rear part of it went down and my daughter, if she had not been tied with the harness of the car seat, would have been flying through the air. What a scare! How experiences teach us, right?

The weight of children, including older ones, does not serve as a counterweight to the volume of things that parents usually hang on the stroller or stroller. I think the best thing would be to use trolleys that have a tray under the seat that serve, for example, to put toys, coats ...

On the handlebar, only the bag with the baby's or child's basic products should be carried. As for the grocery bags, we would have to study some other way of carrying them, don't you think? One of the most interesting and timely inventions that I have seen has been the trailer that is put behind the baby carriages, to transport the older brother. Another way to take advantage of the strollers ...

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