6 essential activities to help a child speak well

Not all children learn to speak the same. They neither have the same rhythm nor do they have the same facility to reproduce phonemes. There are children who stutter when they learn to speak, others who find it extremely difficult to pronounce a specific letter. Many children struggle with words that include the letter 'R'. Others, change the 'S' for the 'C' ...

We explain how to help your child speak better through a series of games and little tricks: write down these 6 activities to help a child speak well and solve problems that your child may have with language.

Can help your child speak well and to improve their little problems with language. How? Through some simple activities that you can practice with him at home. Write down all these:

  1. Read together. If you let him read by himself, you won't be able to correct his pronunciation mistakes. You should stay by his side and ask him to read aloud. When he stumbles upon a phoneme or word, ask him to repeat it several times. In this way, he will notice his faults and learn how to fix them. Repetition is a good system.
  2. Use rhyming texts. Rhyming helps children articulate words and it will always seem more fun to them. Reading a rhyming text is more beneficial and enjoyable. For this reason, it is advisable to use short rhyming poems, which will also keep your child's attention and concentration for longer.
  3. The game of straws. Use straws, canes or straws with your child to pronounce those words that are so difficult for him. It will be a very fun game. Actually, you can use them for two very beneficial games. The first of them: Ask your child to put a straw in his mouth and try to vocalize without dropping it. Will you be able to understand what it says? In addition to having fun, you will make great strides in articulating words. The second game: With the straw in your mouth, turn a plastic cup upside down. Ask your child to blow with all his might. The goal is to move the glass as much as you can. With this game, you will get your child to strengthen the muscles of the jaw and lips.
  4. Sing (together). Did you know that singing solves many speech therapy problems? For example, the famous singer Ed Sheeran, has publicly recognized that as a child he stuttered, and that thanks to rap, he managed to overcome his stuttering. Choose repetitive songs, with a very strong chorus, or if you dare, a rap song, and sing in the form of Karaoke with your child. If he is very young and prefers the most children's songs, you can bet on songs with more 'conflictive' phonemes, such as 'Estrellita estrellita', or very fast such as 'The frog sang under the water'.
  5. Pronounce vowels. It seems simple, but the activity should be done this way: you should ask your child to breathe in deeply through their nose and to release the air through their mouth slowly, pronounce the vowel, keeping the sound for a long time, as long as their lungs.
  6. Puppets Perhaps it seems to you a game intended more to improve self-esteem or an exercise in emotional intelligence. But puppets have many other uses. Among them, to improve speech problems. He uses very 'talkative' puppets. Your child will have to improvise and talk non-stop. In this way, you will be practicing articulating words through play. And by the way ... you will be stimulating your imagination! Remember to direct the plot of the story yourself and help him pronounce the words that cost him the most.

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