Aquarius mother compatibility with Aquarius child

Aquarius mother compatibility with Aquarius child

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The born between January 21 and February 18 belong to the sign Aquarium. This is an air sign, which is under the dominant planet Saturn and Uranus, planet of impulses.

People who are under this sign have great freedom of spirit and intelligence, they have great communication skills and is a tireless adventurer.

We tell you how is the compatibility of the Aquarius mother with the Aquarius child.

Mothers of the Aquarius sign are intense and emotional mothers, who like explore new stages in life, and therefore tremendously restless mothers who need total freedom of spirit.

Their children may blame them unexplained behaviors for them, since the versatility of Aquarius women means that they are never the same person.

They are amazing and you never know what to expect with them. Empathy is a highly developed value, and they always tend to be more in the future than in the present.

Are individualistic mothersThey do not like to put vetoes on their children and let them explore new worlds, urging them to come out from under their wings and start their own path as soon as possible.

They are clueless mothers, with great creativity and imagination,active, passionate, nervous and fun.

They are children imaginative and reserved. Aquarians do not like to share their most intimate corners with others even though they are very sociable, and they tend to hide their most personal concerns believing that they will not be understood.

Are quiet children who avoid complications at all costs, but can be a bit enigmatic and extravagant which undoubtedly worries their parents.

He likes nature, animals and quiet or construction games, as well as being very fond of music and dancing.

The Aquarius child does not stop imagining, although he seems calm, he assembles and disassembles plans daily and nothing motivates him more than going out to know everything that is him a stranger or mysterious in their eyes.

They are workers, but in their own way, that is undisciplined and chaotic in the eyes of others, which can cause more than one friction with friends or parents.

Attracted by unusual things, he likes surprises, the unexpected and experiencing everything.

Mother and children have a good relationship since they complement each other perfectly, have the same interests and concerns and pursue the same goals.

Their different view of the world is seldom shared by others other than their own sign, so Aquarius mother and child have a lot to talk about. However, their sign leads them to withdraw into themselves and not share more than necessary with each other.

Love for him art, culture, and music she can unite them, and the mother must never deny her Aquarius child these pleasures that she can enjoy all her life, and even dedicate her profession.

The Aquarius mother should let her Aquarius child fly out of the nest when she feels ready, which is usually at a young age, although it will not be a problem for her, since she feels the same need for freedom than your child.

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