Fables for children. The frog in the well

Fables for children. The frog in the well

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Fables are short stories or stories that bring us closer to the culture of other peoples, of other distant civilizations. In Chinese fables for children, the little ones you can find references to the way of life in China, a society very different from the western one, which can bring us many values ​​and teachings of eastern culture.

Thechinese fables for kids They are ancient stories full of wisdom. For centuries, fables in China have been passed down from father to son, from generation to generation. All these magical stories keep a message inside, a teaching. The moral of Chinese fables is what makes these stories an essential element in the education of children. The encounter with Chinese fables can be a meeting point between both cultures that motivates children to increase their interest in this civilization and invites them to learn Chinese. On this occasion we offer you 'The frog in the well', a fable for children with a moral.

In a shallow well lived a frog.

- Look how good I am here! - it said to him to a great turtle of the Sea of ​​the East -.

- The East Sea turtle looked at her in surprise while the frog continued to boast of his story.

- When I come out of the well I can jump around, go from stone to stone, and when I return I can rest in the crevices of the bricks of my well. Also, I can splash around and stick my head out of the water. My heart fills with joy when I can stroll and walk on the smooth side of the well with my feet submerged to the ankles.

"What do you think?" He asked the turtle. Neither crabs nor tadpoles can compare to me. I am the mistress of the water and the mistress of this well. What else can a being aspire to? Why don't you come here more often to hang out with me?

Before the East Sea tortoise could stick its left foot into the hole, not knowing how, its right foot had already caught on something. He stopped and stepped back; then he began to describe to the frog the ocean, his East Sea.

- It is more than 1,000 kilometers wide and more than 1,000 kilometers deep. In the old days there were floods nine years out of ten; however, the ocean water did not rise. Then there was a drought, seven years out of eight, yet the ocean water did not diminish. It has stayed the same through the years. That is why I like living in the East Sea.

The frog, in the insignificant well, was stunned and felt some shame.

This ancient fable, originally from China, tells the little ones about the need to open the mind and hear other opinions and learn about other cultures to understand what we have around us. Perhaps we are missing something very interesting by settling into our little patch of comfort ... Help your child understand this fable with these questions:

  • Where did the frog live?
  • Why was she so happy to live there?
  • Where did the turtle live?
  • What happened when you told the frog where she lived?

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