A teacher explains with two apples what bullying is

A teacher explains with two apples what bullying is

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That day, Professor Rossie Dutton he wanted to explain to his students what bullying is. He thought how they could understand it. She is specialized in child psychology. He thought that the best way to understand something that is not seen ... is ... by seeing it!

He chose two red apples and before entering class, I drop one of them several times to the ground, delicately so that it did not spoil on the outside, but totally sure of what was happening inside the block. What did he do when he entered class?

The teacher showed her students the two apples. On the outside, they were practically the same. But she knew (and only she), which apple was different ... inside.

Rossie asked her students that they said very ugly things to one of the apples (the one that had previously hit). They insulted her and said terrible things: 'stinky, you're horrible' ... 'you probably have worms' ... 'you smell bad, you have an ugly color' ... Then, she asked them to say nice things to the other block. So they obeyed and gave her all kinds of compliments: 'how beautiful you are' ... 'what a brilliant color' ...

'Now, Rossie said, I'm going to show you how ugly words hurt the apple'. The teacher opened the two apples and the students observed with horror how one of them was full of brown spots. It was ugly and spoiled.

On the outside, both apples looked the same, but the apple that received insults was very different inside: it was full of 'bruises'. In this way, the students understood that bullying, contempt and horrible words can do a lot of damage inside a child, even if from the outside it seems that nothing is happening.

The teacher shared her experience: 'I think a lightbulb immediately lit up in the children's heads. They understood that what we saw in that apple, the bruises, the mush and the pieces is what is happening inside each of us when someone mistreats us with their words or actions '...' If we had not cut the apple, never they would have known that apple was wrong. '

One of the girls in the class had refused to say nasty things to the apple. "We have to be like her, Rossie told her students, because you have the ability to prevent any apple from spoiling on the inside."

Fantastic example and great teacher Rossie Dutton, from Staffordshire (England).

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