Chispita's recklessness. Children's fable about accident prevention

Chispita's recklessness. Children's fable about accident prevention

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Some children do not think about the consequences or the dangers that certain acts can have. That is why we must teach them that they must act with caution and think before doing things, especially at times when they may have accidents.

With the children's fable "Chispita's recklessness", you can show children the importance of thinking before acting.

The lirona Sparky had fell asleep.

- Oh no! - He said, realizing - My friends will have gone without me to the valley of the reeds! With what I wanted! Then he thought that if he hurried he could catch up with them. So she put on the first dress she could find and sandals, picked up a handful of blackberries, and he ran out of his lair.

Her mother saw her go and yelled at her:

- Where are you going, little one? - But she had moved away and did not hear her.

Chispita imagined the route that his companions would have followed: "They must have gone around the rocks, instead I will climb them to shorten the path and meet them." But Chispita did not wear good climbing shoes, her sandals hurt her and caught on the stones. He was going up with a lot of work, when in an oversight he did not see a protruding stone and slam! fell to the ground.

- Ouch how painful! - It was done damage to a leg. In addition, the sun was beginning to heat up strongly and the little lirona was not wearing a cap, nor was it water.

Meanwhile, her companions had not yet left and decided to go through Chispita's burrow to pick her up.

The mother was worried upon learning that her little girl had left alone and without any equipment, so they all decided to go looking for her. Upon reaching the rocks, the lirona Pancha said that Chispita had surely climbed them instead of circling them. She knew her friend.

They all started to climb. After a few meters, they found her: I was weak, very hot and crying because her paw hurt. His friends offered him water from their canteens and bandaged the wound. Then they all helped her down the rocks and her mother took care of her for a few days until she recovered.

Moral: Think ahead, before the excursion.

Find out if your child has understood the text with these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why did Sparky Lily think she wasn't taking on the excursion?
  • Why did you run away from home?
  • Do you think it was unwise not to listen to his mother?
  • Where were your friends?
  • What happened to the lirona during the excursion?

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