10 stories to teach values ​​to children

Children's stories are ideal to encourage reading among children. During your free time you can take the opportunity to read with your children some of these stories that we show you in

Educational reading is geared for children learn while having fun. For this reason, with this series of stories for children, your children will begin to take a liking to reading while developing their intellectual capacity and their knowledge of values.

With this series of 10 stories You can teach your children the main values ​​of life. In this way, children will grow up knowing the importance of tolerance and respect for everything that surrounds them.

Micaela and the fairy of obedience. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This children's story, Micaela and the fairy of obedience, encourages obedience in children. Stories with values ​​to explain to children the importance of being obedient.

Two inseparable friends. This story tells us the adventure of two inseparable friends: a bear and a fox. A story to educate children about the value of friendship and respect between two people.

Pedro and the Wolf. The story 'Pedro y el lobo' tells the story of a shepherd who amused himself by deceiving his neighbors in the town, until one day the lie he was telling turned against himself. Teach children that lying can give them a hard time. Short stories for kids

Don Arbolón. Ecological short stories and children's stories in Spanish by new authors: Don Arbolón. One of the ways to transmit and instill in children love and respect for nature is this beautiful story by Don Arbolón. Through stories, children can acquire values ​​and defend nature.

The dreaming cow. The dreaming cow. Children's stories for children and babies from our site. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Ears and tail. Between friends there can be no lies or deceptions. Friendship is the great treasure that can be had in life. A story that talks about understanding and forgiveness.

Pinocchio's tale. Here you have the tale of Pinocchio, an old but updated classic tale full of values. With it you can reflect on lying, disobedience and respect. A magical tale full of surprises and adventures, which continues to educate and entertain children.

Itzelina and the rays of the sun. This story especially encourages children to respect the common good, and to share everything in the world, including the sun. A nice story about respect and the need not to be selfish.

Uga the turtle. We offer you the story of 'Uga the turtle', a beautiful short story to teach children the values ​​of effort and perseverance. This story, by Uga the turtle, encourages perseverance and perseverance in the education of children. Short children's stories to awaken children's interest in reading.

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