Scared to death. Children's fable about the importance of work

Scared to death. Children's fable about the importance of work

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Being honest and not taking advantage of other people's work is one of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we must instill in children from an early age. The effort of work is rewarded in the long run, while the idleness it hurts us.

"Scared to death" is a children's fable about the importance of work and the need to be honest and not take advantage of other people's work from our colleagues.

Find out how this ends beautiful fable of the animals of the savannah.

Moira was a lioness already old. Every day it was harder for him to get out of his cave to go hunting. She felt tired and clumsy. But if he didn't hunt, he didn't eat. The game he hunted became smaller and less juicy and, as the days passed, he had to spend more time hunting than resting because he was losing his dexterity over the years.

Ona was a fox very cunning but, above all, very cheeky. She did not like to hunt and spent the day lying in the sun and occasionally cooling off in a pool. When I had hunger, Ona was approaching Moira's cave to steal her food.

Moira believed she had food in her cave, but when she looked for it she never found it. The old lioness thought that with age she forgot things and did not give them more importance. But one day the snake Selma alerted Moira to what was happening to the food that she had struggled to find.

Moira wanted to give him a lesson to Ona. The lioness would play dead at the door of the cave and when the fox came to steal her food, she would give her a great scare. And so it happened. Ona saw Moira lying down and believed her dead. Very slowly he approached, and when he saw that he was not moving he entered the cave. When it came out with its mouth and claws full of food, the lioness roared so loudly that it made the whole bed sheet. The fox trembled and was scared thinking that the lioness would eat her.

After the great scare they reached an agreement. Moira would teach Ona how to hunt and the two would share the feast. They became great friends and now the fox took care of the old lioness.

Find out if your child has understood the fable with these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why was he spending so much time hunting Moira?
  • Why didn't Ona hunt?
  • Why wasn't Ona going hungry?
  • Who told Moira that her food was stolen?
  • Was the lioness angry with the fox? What agreement did they reach?

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