With my baby in the water: a unique experience!

With my baby in the water: a unique experience!

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The first time I watched a baby dive into water, I was impressed. In tenths of a second, my heart sank and I felt an overflowing joy to see him rise to the surface again as if nothing had happened. I decided, after that, that when I had children I was going to try this experience with them and nothing has seemed more enriching and rewarding.

Water provides an extraordinary play space for babies and children, in which they feel calm and safe in the company of their parents. Aquatic activity allows Babies experience a whole range of experiences that help to facilitate adaptation to different situations, as happens with the acceptance of changes in schedules and habits, early motor development and the acquisition of autonomy.

However, one of the most common mistakes parents make with children under the age of three, when we take them to the pool, is to pretend to be taught to swim.

It is logical to think that this is the objective to be pursued, as it guarantees the safety of the little one in the water, but from my own experience I can assure that when parents discover the pleasant sensation of being with our baby in the water, we become more interested in other aspects more attractive and fundamental, and that goal of learning to swim is postponed. And it is that until children are three years old and, from that age onwards, their level of psychomotor skills is not ready to learn to swim. In fact, the best age to learn to swim is four years old.

I was fascinated to discover that the true work of babies in the water is far from tangible goals. Instead and to my surprise, I was happy with the development of other emotional and cognitive aspects that were more related to the growth of the affective bond between my baby and me, and to the evolution of his personality and intellectual development.

The presence of parents, better of both, is very important not only for the educating role, but also for the relational role that this implies. The ties that are established in the water, where our mobile phone did not ring and we could be paying all our attention to our son, promoted a whole series of vital sensations and emotions, which have no comparison with other types of activities, which on the other hand they are hard to find when it comes to babies.

Therefore, the heated pool becomes a special setting for activities with the baby. Familiarization and mastery of the aquatic environment has several phases and in each of them different materials and techniques are used so that the baby can gain strength and balance in the water. Learning takes place within a playful environment and daily life helps to find the naturalness of movements in the water, just as it is acquired with the air when babies begin to walk.

To find a taste for water, it is essential to have a freedom of options to enjoy. An enjoyment that every baby and every family must find for themselves.

Marisol New. Copywriter

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