The 5 activities we should do in summer with our children

The 5 activities we should do in summer with our children

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Summer is a great time to do things that during winter, due to the routine of life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead, are practically impossible to do. Summer is a great time to discover new sensations, carry out activities that you always wanted to do and propose new challenges.

The number of hours of sunshine, the coolness of the nights, being on vacation, having a more open disposition to new things are factors that make us want to face this type of situation. I have named it hidden learningThey are eminently simple, practical and inexpensive activities for all of us to do.

We tell you5 activities that we must do in summer with our children.

These activities are not in the books, they do not appear in tourist guides, nor are they sport-adventure and then show them off on social media. Some we have probably already done, but the good thing is that we can now enjoy them with our children.

The 5 activities what should we do in summer with our children:

1- Lie on the ground and watch the stars. It is a very interesting experience to do with our children, and surely an experience they will not forget. Remember that learning is being exposed to many experiences and stimuli. Find a place with little light, lie on your back, hug each other and just contemplate the magnitude of the starry sky. Just by seeing it the children will have many doubts, whether you solve them or you are not investing in their training. If you can see a shooting star, the experience will be complete.

2- Bathing in a river. We must not lose the essence of the rivers, many of the readers will do so regularly, but it is also true that we are more used to the beach, which is very good, but bathing in a river with current is a highly refreshing experience. So, find a nearby river that is safe and go with your children to enjoy that sensation of cold water running through your body.

3- Night walks. Personally I remember when I was little of the night walks that I took with my parents after dinner in summer. Let's not confuse the night walk with going out to the fair, or going out to buy an ice cream, or what we call going for a walk. The night walk should be somewhere isolated, with the sole purpose of walking slowly and chatting. People who spend the summer in the villages will know very well what I am talking about, because it is a very typical activity, you would find many people walking along the road. Maybe we should recover activities that had a lot emotional impact on the family.

4- Take a night bath. Taking a night bath, whether on the beach or in a pool, is another of the advisable activities, since it is a different and fun feeling. These types of baths have to be part of a person's connection with the aquatic environment, since it is not going to jump, jump on his head or pump or go swimming, it is simply letting himself float silently and enjoying what it offers us water, with the aim of not invading the space of the water or the sea and not disturbing its tranquility.

5- Learn to move in another way. Riding a bicycle, rollerblades, scooters, etc. is a good time to learn how to do it, since this type of sports takes time. My proposal is not that children learn it, but that it is a good time for parents to learn it together with them and thus have more interests in common, which makes it possible to spend more time together.

5 simple, cheap, fun activities that have the objective of emotionally improving the quality of relationships in the family environment.

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