Teach the child to cope with having two dads or two moms

Teach the child to cope with having two dads or two moms

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Children of homosexual parents grow up in a family structure that does not resemble that of most of their group of friends or peers. But this has been changing at a dizzying rate since 2000 and we are getting closer to a society in which diversity and tolerance prevail.

Still, there are people who are opposed to raising children by homosexual couples. To confront each other, we have to teach the child to cope with having two dads or two moms.

We adults tend to think that anything that deviates from the norm can be discriminated against by society. And sometimes it happens like that but many other times it doesn't.

Spain is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. In 2005 the law of homosexual marriage was approved and since then lHomosexuality has been normalizing and accepting naturally in much of our society.

However, there is another part of the population that is opposed to the raising of children by homosexual couples. This is an undeniable fact. Opponents base their argument on the potential harm that same-sex parenting can do to children. But, currently we do not have scientific evidence to support this belief.

In fact, the American Psychological Association has developed a practical guide in which the results of the major research to date to determine whether the well-being or mental health of children of gay parents they are threatened for some reason.

In summary, this guide concludes that the children of homosexual parents are not in a situation of vulnerability or disadvantage. Gay couples possess the same abilities to educate their children so that they are no less capable of exercising the role of fathers or mothers.

On the other hand, the sexual orientation of the parents it does not affect the roles or sexual identity of their children. There is a false belief that is based on thinking that the child will feel confused when having parents of the same sex and this will condition their identity or sexual orientation. This is absolutely false! In fact, the studies carried out affirm that more than 90% of children of homosexual adults turned out to be heteosexual.

We can say then that there are no differences between the children of homosexual couples and the children of heterosexual couples.

The first thing we have to do is act normally and naturally without giving too much importance to this fact. Children are like water, they adapt to absolutely everything.

We should not be afraid of their reaction when they grow up because in no case will it be something strange for them if we take into account that from a very young age they have grown up under this family structure, therefore this is what they know.

It is possible that when children begin their school stage they will be curious and have many doubts when comparing themselves with the majority of their peer group.

Therefore, it is advisable that let us be accessible to our children to respond to any question that may arise. For this, we must foster a relationship of trust in which communication flows smoothly so that they can turn to us with any questions or concerns they need to share.

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