How to channel the energy of our children in a positive way

How to channel the energy of our children in a positive way

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Children, especially in early childhood, are generally mischievous and are continually 'making up' things to do. They are fireproof. They have an innate vitality that causes them to be full of energy, jumping, running and going from one place to another continuously.

Adults should help children channel that energy in a positive way, to let off steam and help them find quiet moments. For this, the best thing will be to lead by example and, in addition, look for different strategies so that the little one knows how to channel properly without limiting his energy or vitality.

That the child has a lot of vitality, is moved, or energetic, is not bad. The child's behavior problems will appear at the moment in which that energy that he gives off is channeled in the wrong way. It will be at that moment when difficulties arise both in family life, in social relationships and at school.

To prevent this from happening, parents should avoid:

- Punish children. Instead, it will be better to understand why the child behaves this way.

- Being on my nerves. Children jump, run, move constantly. Adults should be patient.

- Reprimand the children. Children are continually touching everything in their power to meet and learn. Sometimes they break or touch things when they shouldn't.

- Label. With phrases like: 'how clumsy you areā€¦' we are in a way criticizing the child's behavior and affecting his self-esteem. It is counterproductive.

Channeling a child's energy can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The first thing to do is be patient. Then it will be important to find activities that motivate them and allow them to release tension.

When the child does not stop for a second, it is difficult for him to sit up and he needs to release energy, the best way to help him is by signing up for an extracurricular activity that has to do with sport: football, handball, basketball, swimming ...

All kinds of activities in which the child can move properly and without disturbing anyone. Additionally, children's energy can be channeled in the following ways:

- Go to the park before you get home. This space allows the child to run, jump and play at will for a while. This will allow it to vent.

- Do yoga it can positively help the child to control his behavior. Yoga brings tranquility and harmony to your body.

- To dance. Helps you control your motor skills. It harmonizes your movements and helps you improve your behavior on a social level.

- Do theater. This activity has multiple benefits. It helps you memorize, work your shame, manage your thoughts, and stay focused on what you're doing.

- Housework. Small tasks such as putting the message, helping to collect, help the child to release energy.

- Games. Use different games that involve psychomotor that allows them to move in an adequate and controlled way. For example, walking slowly, 'making the kibble', jumping, etc.

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