Stories for children. The ear

Stories for children. The ear

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A good resource to educate our children with values ​​is, without a doubt, children's stories. Through stories, fables, sayings, etc., children can learn to be tolerant, while also having fun with the story. How to be tolerant and respectful of others?

Read this story with your child and then talk to him about what he thinks about that value.

It was his second day of class. Henry sat at the first desk in the classroom, next to the window, as his mother recommended. The teacher came into class and said "good morning." Today we are going to study some animals. We will start with the donkey, that animal so useful to humanity, strong, with long ears, and ...

"Like Henry!" Interrupted a voice that came from behind the room.

Many children started laughing loudly and looked at Henry.

- Who said that? Asked the teacher, although she knew well who had said it.

- It was Quique, said a girl pointing to her side to a little freckled five year old.

- Children, children, said Mily with an energetic voice and making an angry face. They should not make fun of others. That is not right and I will not allow it in my classroom.

Everyone was silent, but there was a few giggles.

A while later a ball of paper thrashed Tomás's head. When he turned around he did not see who had thrown it at him and again some laughed at him. He decided to ignore the teasing and continued looking at the pictures of animals Mily was showing. He was very sad but did not cry. At recess, Henry opened his lunch box and began to eat the delicious sandwich his mother had prepared for him. Two children who were nearby yelled at him:

- Big ear, hey little ear, don't eat so much that your tail is going to come out like a donkey, and they laughed.

Other children around him looked at him and touched their own ears, smiled and murmured. Henry understood for the first time that he was actually born with his ears a little bigger. 'Like his grandfather Manuel', he had heard his father say once.

Screams were suddenly heard from the music room, from which a lot of smoke was coming out. Henry approached and saw several children locked in without being able to get out, because some mischievous child had placed a broomstick on the bolts.

Through the windows you could see the faces of the little ones crying, screaming and very scared. Inside something was burning and flames were growing.

The teachers hadn't realized the danger, and none of the children dared do anything. Henry, without hesitating for a second, put down his lunch box and ran to the living room door and despite the smoke and the heat that came out, he grabbed the broom that was holding it and pulled it hard. The children hurried out and everyone was safe.

Henry was left a hero. Everyone praised his courage. The children who had made fun of him were sorry.

At home, Henry recounted everything that happened to his family, so everyone was proud of him. The next day, no child made fun of Henry. They had understood that physical defects were only apparent, but instead Henry's courage in saving his companions was more valuable and worthy of admiration.


Tale of Álvaro Jurado Nieto (Colombia)

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