8 tips for spending the summer with children with autism

8 tips for spending the summer with children with autism

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Summer is a time like any other, although with the handicap of not having a habitual pattern that is repeated like the one that occurs during the school calendar. Children with autism have a hard time break routines, and they are not usually comfortable when there is news. Therefore, we give you some suggestions to enjoy and have a good summer with children with autism.

Routines keep children with autism safe, but when summer rolls around, those routines break down and plans change almost every day. This is stressful for children with autism, who do not usually take well the changes in their usual day-to-day schemes. What can we do then?

I give you some tips that you can follow to spend the summer with children with autism.

1- Try to get your child to interact with other equals. Children with autism often have a hard time relating to other children their age. Offer them moments to be with cousins ​​and friends in the neighborhood. It is also a good time to work on inclusion and explain to other friends of our children what it means to be a person with autism!

2- Try to have tasks for each day. Boredom is easy at times, and frequent moments of unstructured free time often encourage our kids to "make up some pranks."

3- Carry out leisure and free time activities abroad. Breathing fresh mountain air or the sea breeze is beneficial for everyone.

4- Help your child continue to have a favorable sleep routine. Some people with autism suffer from certain sleep disorders. If this is the case with your child, try to do some daily physical activity, take a cool bath before going to sleep and anticipate when it is time to go to rest. Be permissible and considerate because in the summer we usually want to go to sleep later.

5- Don't forget to have certain routines that your child has acquired during the last months also during the summer. Sometimes it is difficult to continue doing things during the holidays but it is advisable to follow the suggestions of the teaching professionals who intervene with our child: brush teeth, do some work at the table or simply read with our children.

6- Play, play and then play! Playing as a family is proven to create emotional ties and bonds that cannot be achieved in any other way. Take advantage of the time to play their favorite games with your child and to teach him new games in a structured way.

7- Do not forget to communicate in an assertive and functional way. Better a no on time and a hug and a smile later! It is important that your child does not forget the limits even while on vacation. This provides us with greater stability in the family than trying to explain to them after the summer that we must return to routines (this concept often costs people with autism).

8- In the same way, do not forget that summer is to enjoy it and that we all have the right to rest physically and mentally. Evaluate at all times those things that you are going to allow your child and why you do them (or not). It is important to remember yourself as a father and mother for what and why we do things regardless of the circumstances of our children and taking into account the family circumstances that surround us.

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