Cravings during breastfeeding

Cravings during breastfeeding

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If we mention the word cravings, the image of a pregnant woman with the urgent need to eat a whole tray of chocolates or a jar of pickles comes to mind. However, cravings are never discussed during breastfeeding and yes, it is something that happens to many women ... and I am one of them!

I had never named it before and yet, during the lactation period of my first and second child I did not stop eating licorice, I went crazy for those little red bars filled with white sugar. So much so that on walks in the park I always tried to stop by a candy store so as not to run out of supplies.

With my third child, the craving has been chocolate. I had gestational diabetes and my diet was very strict and, of course, lacking in sugars. I don't know if it was this, but my obsession has been and still is dark chocolate, either with almonds, with hazelnuts, alone or filled with truffle. There is no one who stops me, so much so that I have eaten a whole tablet in a day and a half.

I searched the Internet for information regarding cravings while breastfeeding and I didn't find anything, so I spoke with my friends to find out if something similar had happened to them. Some looked at me as if I were from another galaxy, but others responded with a loud ... Yes! Several had a certain craving for some type of food.

In reality, the human body is very wise and, just as it happens during pregnancy, some deficiency in our diet may make us feel more attracted to some foods. I was low on iron and hadn't eaten any sugar in months, maybe that made my need for chocolate overflow.

It is also normal to notice a feeling of thirst when breastfeeding the baby, it is very common. The body demands fluids to be able to produce enough milk, in fact the midwife recommended that I drink 2 liters of water a day.

Right now I am trying to control my dependence on chocolate because one also has to take care of oneself and try to regain the line, but ... what I would give right now for a few chocolates!

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