7 mistakes made by parents in the first days of school

7 mistakes made by parents in the first days of school

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The first day in nursery school or school is a very important time for parents and children. It is a huge change for babies or the smallest of the house who until that moment have been in a familiar environment. Overnight they have to face unfamiliar adults, other children, other routines, or other places. Understand and help them it is essential in these difficult moments for them.

It is difficult not to be wrong because not only do some children experience these moments in a traumatic way, but also for parents it is a difficult drink. And if not, who has not gotten a lump in his throat when leaving kindergarten and leaving the baby? Who has not spent a day scattered at work thinking how the little one will be?

With my two older children, I have already experienced those two situations: the first day of nursery school and the first day of school. In both cases, I couldn't help but feel anguish and even cry as I walked through the center door. These intense emotions can lead us to make mistakes and mistakes during these moments. For this reason, it is important to know what we should not do on the first day of the course.

1- Do not anticipate what is going to happen
If we take our baby to school without telling him why, what he will find there and how he will spend the day, the child will feel great anguish and fear of abandonment. It is essential not to hide what your day to day will be from then on.

2- Let them see us cry
You really want to see how they grab your arms, how they cry, scream or simply see their face of disgust. However, you have to swallow hard, be firm, happy and very serene, to convey security and tranquility.

3. Come back to say goodbye
Never, never have to go back even if we are hearing him howling or kicking. The caregivers are prepared to face these situations and they themselves will tell you that they only cry during those first moments and then remain calm, sometimes more participatory and other less, but little by little they adapt.

4. Take a walk around the yard to see them
If you are curious to know what he is doing, do not go near the playground, in case he sees you, he will want to go with you and you have only caused a tantrum in the child.

5. Not respecting the adaptation period
It is not always easy to reconcile adjustment periods at school and work hours, but it pays to reserve a few days of vacation so that the child can gradually adapt and only attend a few hours during the first few days.

6. Don't say goodbye
It is not necessary to leave the child in the hand of his caregiver and run away. We must give him a kiss, a caress and remind him that we will return in a while to pick him up.

7. Extend the farewell
Although he cries, we must not eternalize the moment of goodbye and hug him or comfort him again and again. It is better, say goodbye in a loving way and without prolonging the moment much.

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