Eleven month old baby. Baby growth month by month

Eleven month old baby. Baby growth month by month

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The eleven-month-old baby is becoming more autonomous every day and is already able to begin to take his first steps and to stand up, either with the help of someone or holding on to something. His language has also developed quite a bit and he says his first words. In addition, he already understands what they are saying and is able to follow the conversation with others.

It is very important that you congratulate him when he does something well, that serves as stimulusfor the child and gain confidence in himself.

The average weight of a baby at 11 months of age is usually 10,000 g and can be about 76 cm in length. In this stage, babies usually stabilize their weight, since they move with more energy, although they also eat more. When standing up and walking, the baby will give a stretch at any time.

At this stage, some babies tend to stand up. They still do not feel completely safe, that is why they always look to support themselves with their hands on some piece of furniture in the house. Some babies can even do it with one hand. With the support of his parents' hands, the baby can take steps. The eleven-month-old will also be able to throw a ball, point a finger, and play at placing objects inside others.

At this stage, babies will have the fontanelle fully closed. Your legs may still be bowed and your feet flat, making it difficult for you to stand for long periods of time. To walk the baby takes the hands of its parents or they seek to be supported with a walker. Its mobility is in full swing. The baby is about to take its first steps. His hands are increasingly stable, allowing the baby to feed himself, using his own spoon and plate. Baby gets to throw things, do some scribbling, and hold things with one hand. His prowess is very visible.

At this stage, many babies are already beginning to have legumes in their diet. At first, legumes are mixed with vegetables. Its introduction to feeding the baby should be gradual to avoid flatulence. The baby will experience a healthy and rich protein diet. Legumes can also be offered to babies in pureed form.

Your mind. He loves jokes and will do anything for a positive response, like your laugh - that way he will feel good about himself. He already knows how to kiss and will want to kiss you; Let yourself be kissed, but don't ask him to kiss strangers. To help him, laugh when he finds something fun and talk enthusiastically about your activities.

To stimulate his psychomotor development, encourage him to let go when he is walking by calling to you. You can also get up and bend over on your own. Your social skills. You know who it is. He has become quite possessive of his toys and does not like to have them taken away. He loves social gatherings, as long as you or someone he knows is carrying him. He will give you the things you ask for, but do not take them from him by force, or he will follow this example when he wants something and does not get it.

To encourage her social interaction, introduce her to lots of babies; if they are older than him, you will see how he observes them and tries to imitate them. Teach him to show affection for the people around him. Leave him with a babysitter or a family member from time to time, so that he gets used to being with people other than his parents.

At this stage, babies can imitate the sound of some animals like dog, cat, duck and say some words like 'water' or 'bibe'. The child is beautiful, no one doubts it, mothers drool with their little one. This is one of the sweetest, funniest stages, although it may react angrily if contradicted, because it must not be forgotten that the child continues to develop his character. The child knows who he is and responds as such to his name. You want to be with other babies, but you still don't understand the meaning of to share his toys, he is very possessive and wants everything for himself.

Depending on the reactions that babies have at this stage of their life, some parents can presumably know the personality of their baby. If he has an impulsive, observant, curious, thoughtful, restless character, etc. Therefore, it is highly advisable to stimulate your baby with educational and interactive games to strengthen his character.

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