7 phrases that strengthen the relationship with your teenager

Just as we can sometimes say phrases that damage the relationship with our adolescent children, there are messages that can, in the opposite sense strengthen and strengthen the relationship with them, letting them know that no matter how bad things paint, they will always count on us.

Take note of these phrases, the 7 phrases that strengthen the relationship with your teenager.

Here are some of the most powerful phrases, those that strengthen the relationship with your teenager:

1. No matter how bad things are, you can always count on me. Sometimes we take it for granted that our children know they are counting on us and that, in the event of a serious event, it will be us they will turn to; However, many young people do not consider their parents as the first option due to the fear that their possible reaction generates. So we must reiterate that our support is unconditional; Beyond the fact that what happened could later mean a scolding or a consequence, they must be clear that we are the first in their support network and that they can always count on us.

2. I am proud of you. Our children need to know that they make us proud. As parents, it is our duty to continually discover those positive strengths, abilities, qualities, or behaviors in our children and let them know that we value and take pride in them, no matter how small they may seem. Thus, we will not only strengthen their security and self-esteem, but we will inspire them to continue developing those qualities that make them better human beings.

3. I want to understand you, tell me more. Sometimes there are topics or circumstances in which it seems impossible to understand our children. We are left with two options, either we are intransigent and let it become a storm, or in a quiet moment we sit down and ask them to explain more to us and try to understand them. Trying, of course, to get rid of prejudices and the imperative need to always be right. Maybe in the end we can reach a middle point and if not, at least we have made it clear that we have every intention of understanding; that will definitely generate a greater approach and a greater receptivity in them to understand our position.

4. Good costs. In my experience as a Psychologist, I am increasingly facing children and young people who are not willing to make the least effort to achieve something; either because they receive everything easily or because their character is rather passive. They fail to understand that many of the good things that happen in life are the result of effort and hard work. This is a really powerful message if we want them to adapt to the world, achieve their dreams and be happy. So, no matter how much they need to repeat it to them, and obviously help them realize that this is so, it will be worth it.

5. I trust you. The expectations we place on our children can have a determining effect on the decisions they make and the human beings they will become. When they are young, our job is to guide and guide closely, but at a certain age, it is time to let go, hope that what we have deposited in our children will be enough to help them make the best decisions and simply expect the best from them and not it. worse. Let's not stop telling them always and trust that they will know how to answer it. (Although they do not always succeed).

6. You learn from mistakes.If your child made a mistake or a fault that makes him feel very bad, this phrase can make him feel better, as long as it is not to take away the validity of his feeling, but on the contrary, to make it clear that it does not matter how bad it looks the panorama, what happened, will be a future teaching, and that is what growing up, making mistakes and learning is all about.

7. I love you. When our children are young we never tire of repeating that we love them; However, when many parents start to grow up they stop saying it, perhaps because they feel that it is too much in this new stage. Nothing could be further from reality, no matter if they turn their eyes or wipe our kisses, deep down reminding them how much we love them is still the best message.

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