How can television help us with the education of children?

The television has become a regular companion of the free time that our children have. According to a study by the Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations of the University of Valencia, 30 percent of children, the first thing they do when they get home, after so many school and after-school hours, is turn on the television. But is it always bad for the child to spend time in front of the television?

The answer is no, as long as we know how they should use it, for how long and what programming is the most appropriate for their interests and their cognitive development.

Here are 5 guidelines on how to use television so that our child learns with it, while entertaining himself:

  1. Look for educational programs, such as Sky's. Currently there are a multitude of cartoons on the television grid that serve as reinforcement to mathematics, language or the languages ​​they are learning at school.
  2. Choose the content that we will see in advance. If we prevent the child from zapping, we will prevent him from reaching inappropriate content.
  3. It agrees previously agree on a schedule of TV. Getting your child to set a schedule to watch his favorite shows will develop his organizational skills.
  4. If two or more children are to sit and watch TV together, the programs must be chosen by consensus of all, or in turns, but always respecting the opinion of all.
  5. 5. It is convenient to explain to the child the difference between fact and fiction, link the actions to the consequences, and counteract everything that threatens elemental values.

As we have said, today you can find a lot of series, drawings or programs adapted to the needs of babies and children of all ages. It is not advisable to put a baby content of older children, or the other way around, since the goal is for them to learn and be entertained.

The online television platform Sky It includes in its service several channels with programming specifically created for the little ones, as well as many of its favorite series available on demand. In addition, it offers a safe environment for children to navigate between their favorite channels and content in a section differentiated from the rest.

Among the most recommended channels for children are:

- Baby tv:

It is a channel designed for babies up to 3 years old. Its objective is to encourage interaction between the baby and the parents, promoting development, activity and fun through content developed by specialist producers and child psychologists.

All content is organized into various themes, encompassing the entire skill of early learning: nature, music, imagination, friendship, bedtime ...

Highlights on this channel are the Billy Bam Bam series, with which children will learn to have fun with objects from everyday life, or Gee-Raffa, an adorable giraffe who is always eager to help. With it children will learn to solve problems when they are sad and even to dance.

- Disney:

The mythical entertainment company, how could it be otherwise, also joins educational television.

With Mickey and the Super Pilots your children will learn values ​​such as caring for pets, friendship and companionship. In addition to discovering new places around the planet where Mickey and his friends do their fun races.

- Nick jr

Who doesn't already know the famous explorer Dora and everything she teaches our children? With Dora and all her inseparable friends, the little ones learn languages, numbers, colors, vocabulary ... A safe bet for those who seek to entertain and educate children at the same time.

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