Keyword technique for your child to start school with enthusiasm

Keyword technique for your child to start school with enthusiasm

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Many times we just need a word of encouragement. Maybe two. 'Can!'. Hasn't it happened to you that before a moment of discouragement you hear some motivating words from the right person and you feel inexplicably powerful or powerful? Imagine what it means for a child to hear his parents (basic reference for him) that: 'You can do it'.

With this idea, some teachers have launched a fantastic idea for the beginning of school: motivating their children through words (which is often the best food for children's self-esteem). Discover what is the wonderful technique of keywords for your child to start school with enthusiasm... and lots of energy!

An image on social networks was enough to discover one of the most effective and simple techniques to excite and motivate children to start school. A simple image: that of some pens with a message. Some pens with 'magic' words. Yes, magical because they achieve wonderful effects on children.

The image began to circulate among parents and teachers. How had this not occurred to us before? This is a fabulous idea! You only need a few keywords for your child to start school with enthusiasm.

The technique is very simple: when you prepare the school supplies for back to school, after covering the books and writing your child's name in notebooks and clothes ... the most important thing comes: the keywords. You can make a list with motivational phrases and leave the words written in your child's pencils, on a post-it in books or in notebooks ... on the eraser ... wherever you can!

Here you have some phrases you can use. They may serve as a guide when writing down your motivational words in your child's school supplies:

1. 'You are unique!'

2. 'You can do it!'

3. 'You can do it all!'

4. 'You are smart'

5. 'Mommy loves you'

6. 'Daddy loves you'

7. 'You are brilliant'

8. 'You are important'

9. 'I trust you: you're going to get it'

10. 'Effort will pay off ... for sure!'

Obviously, you can add all the motivational phrases that you can think of, such as 'you are a winner', 'the important thing is not how it begins, but how it ends ...', 'Persevere and you will triumph', 'today will be a great day' ... Think of those words that can excite and do Smile at your child and that will generate a large dose of positive thinking in him from his first day of class.

After a long vacation, where fun and relaxation prevail, routines, work, early rises return ... For a child it is an effort, a great effort. Therefore, it is normal for children to feel reluctant at first to start the school year. The fear, the uncertainty, the change of companions or / and teacher ... Everything is a challenge for them. For this reason, they need motivation more than ever, they need something that excites them.

Motivation is key in learning. An unmotivated child will refuse to attend class. He will look for distractions of any kind, or will try to attract attention through unwanted behavior. A motivated child, however, will be excited to learn and will have a much better chance of finishing the course with an excellent result.

There are many other techniques to motivate a child and to generate positive thinking: 'the technique of the happiness boat to generate positive thinking', 'the post-it technique to motivate children', 'the smile machine' ... Everyone's goal them is the same: improve the child's self-confidence. You can't imagine how powerful someone who trusts himself is.

I will summarize it with the phrase that Carolina MarĂ­n, champion of three Badminton World Cups in a row, uses to explain her triumphs: 'I can because I think I can.' That is the attitude that you should infect your child not only at the beginning, but throughout the school year. And you will see the results.

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