Tips to keep lice away from children

It seems like a difficult and almost impossible task for parents to keep children away from lice, especially since children are constantly in contact with other children in the park, at school, and often get together to play, take photos, etc. And although parents are very careful with the hygiene of their children, that does not prevent lice from living on children's heads.

Lice have nothing to do with bodily hygiene or living conditions, and although they are more common in children, they can also affect adults. I found this information on a website in which pediatricians, dermatologists, pharmacists, educators and parents concerned about the health of children participate. Its goal is to prevent and treat lice, leaving behind false myths around them.

Children usually get head lice mainly when they go back to school or college. The agglomeration of children in closed places favors the contagion. And although lice find the perfect environment to reproduce in spring, they can also be found in other seasons of the year.

If you want your child to be very far from lice, it would be good if together you could follow these 5 tips:

1. The more collected or shorter children's hair is, the better. Loose hair increases the likelihood of the louse moving from one head to the other, when the hairs are in contact.

2. At least once a week, have parents check their children's heads. How? well, passing a comb with fine spikes all over the head, or simply dividing the hair into strands and observing. Prevention is better than cure.

3. Watch your children in case they start scratching their heads. Also, tell them that if they notice that their head starts to itch, let them know.

4. Lice are easily spread through combs, brushes, hats, caps, headbands, hairpins, ties, etc. So it is best to supervise these objects and explain to the children that they never share any of their items, or use another that is not theirs. That those things are not provided.

5. It is also important that once a week the combs and hair brushes are disinfected and cleaned with soap and water or with vinegar-soaked cotton. The towels, as well as the bedding, covers and cushions must be clean, as well as the children's clothes.

6. Especially when the child returns to school, it would be good if you use a repellent to scare away the lice. There are products in pharmacies that you can use, but at home you can use a little tea tree oil in the rinse water for your child's hair.

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